Sarajevo Airport to acquire new air bridges


Sarajevo Airport will purchase three new air bridges, which will replace its two existing ones, as well as add a third one, which will be mounted onto the expanded part of the terminal building. A public call has been issued to acquire the air bridges, with the deadline for the submission of offers set for April 12. The boarding bridges will arrive and be installed in phases. The first one is expected in October 2022, the second in February 2023 and the third in June 2023. The deal is valued at some 2.3 million euros.


  1. Anonymous14:01

    So new part of the terminal won't be complete until the end of the year at the earliest... was supposed to open 2 years ago.

  2. Anonymous16:51

    I hope they will be like in BEG or LJU with big windows :o

  3. SJJ had air bridges before ZAG and LJU?

    1. Anonymous20:53

      I am not shure, but before Zag deffinetly as they have them since 2017 when they opened new terminal. While LJU instaled them arround 2006.

      I think they have them longer yes, as you can see old photos from war and they are instaled...

    2. Anonymous22:38

      Not only before ZAG and LJU, but a way before any other ex-Yu airport. Sarajevo got airbridges in 1983, prior to ZOI 1984.

      After war, they've been reconstructed and already in use since year 2000

    3. Anonymous04:01

      Not before Belgrade. BEG had them in operational 1980.

  4. Anonymous18:33

    The first airbridges at SJJ were the same, docking model as the old at BEG.

    After the war, SJJ chose the Dutch model, also seen in AMS and some African airports.

    They could purchase one more of those, as they are still produced and maintained.

    Though they as rounded, never really fitted the SJJ terminal squared architecture.

    Btw, glass airbridges aren't necessarily a solution for very cold but also warm SJJ...

    1. Anonymous22:09

      Well yes, but in LJU there's also warm summers and cold winters so that's the least y9u have to worry about, well in LJU there's air conditioning inside so it has normal temperatures...


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