Tivat Airport faces loss of key summer markets


Tivat Airport could be facing a difficult summer with three key markets likely to be out of reach. Flights between Russia and Montenegro have not been in operation since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020. Montenegro has endorsed European Union imposed sanctions onto Russia, as well as a flight ban on Russian-registered aircraft. In 2019, a total of 631.561 passengers flew between Moscow and Tivat alone, with services from a number of other Russian cities, including Saint Petersburg, which accounted for 62.147 travellers. This summer will mark the absence of flights between Belarus and Tivat as well. Last summer, prior to the introduction of sanctions against Belarus, the country’s national carrier, Belavia, was planning up to four daily flights to Tivat. Finally, the fate of summer flights from Ukraine, which is in the midst of a war, remains highly uncertain. Last summer, Ukraine International Airlines maintained twelve weekly flights to Tivat from four Ukrainian cities, while SkyUp Airlines operated twelve weekly services from three cities, and Windrose Airlines ran two weekly rotations from the Ukrainian capital.


  1. Anonymous10:31

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  2. Anonymous10:53

    Montenegro keeps winning!

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  4. Anonymous11:35

    Replace Russia with UK tourists. They are loyal once they like a destination and usually repeat and book much more in advance. Richer market for sure. Russians will now be poorer anyway to travel because of the weak rubla.

    1. Anonymous11:59

      Yeah and you just do that over night.

    2. both Croatia and Montenegro are now expensive for UK visitors. Post Covid the offers from Greece and Turkey are fantastic.. 5 star hotels cost 40 p cent less than parts of Cro and Mont.
      lots of press coverage that dinner for 2 costs less in French Riviera than near Dubrovnik.
      Brits know only Dalmatia.. sadly.

  5. Anonymous16:37

    Russians who have money will travel again via BEG or IST like they did summer 2021. Only downside for us is high prices for travel from BEG to TIV.


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