Wizz Air, Air Serbia boost Barcelona operations


Wizz Air and Air Serbia will increase flights between Belgrade and Barcelona this coming summer season. The low cost airline, which introduced services between the two cities last December, will increase frequencies on the route from two to three weekly starting May 4. All three weekly rotations will be operated by the Airbus A321 aircraft, resulting in Wizz having the most capacity between the two cities. Air Serbia has been quick to respond to Wizz Air’s growth and will introduce its own third weekly flight from June 7. As a result, it will restore its pre-pandemic frequencies on the route. Low cost carrier Vueling will also serve the two cities twice per week, from May 3 until the end of the summer season in late October.


  1. Anonymous10:37

    I am surprised by how slow and lethargic Vueling is on this market. Demand to Spain seems to be really strong and not only are they not responding to local demand but they are also missing on transfers. Look at JU's flights to Valencia, first flights next month are almost sold out from BEG.

    1. Anonymous13:39

      very lethargic. they had the opportunity to completely dominate Spanish market, and now they will lose lose it, and lose it hard

  2. Anonymous10:54

    Vueling is gonna fail.

  3. Anonymous10:54

    Imagine this route has been ignored for so long.

    1. Anonymous10:59

      Spain was ignored for so long and Portugal is still being ignored.

    2. JATBEGMEL17:20

      Wizz announced LIS, sold tickets, canceled the destination and hasn't tried again since.

  4. Anonymous11:21

    What about Málaga? This destination is booming! It is Spain's 4th busiest airport ffs. JU and the rest are sleeping again.

    1. Anonymous11:26

      Sleeping? They are launching 2 new routes to Spain this summer. They are doing the exact opposite of what you've written.

    2. Anonymous13:37

      also, Malaga is still not popular in Serbia. though, it may change in time

    3. Anonymous13:39

      Malaga is too far away for rotation, as is Portugal. It would be almost a 4 hours flight+ turnaround and 4 hours back. Connections from BCN & MAD are good for the south or from ZRH.

    4. Anonymous13:46

      Well Malaga can't get popular if you can't reach it. It will be top leisure destination when launched. Furthermore there is "dijaspora" in Marbella too :)

    5. Anonymous17:54

      Let them develop Valencia first

    6. JATBEGMEL23:31

      Problem with a destination like AGP is the long rotation time. Send an aircraft at 7am, it wont be back in BEG before 1pm. 5pm departure would bring the aircraft back sometime after midnight.

      JU needs to increase more flights around 10am and 8pm, while widening the late afternoon wave as they intended to with the 4pm CDG rotation. This will allow better connectivity to these longer flights. For example:

      JU5XX BEG AGP 1030 1340
      JU5XX AGP BEG 1425 1725

      JU5XX BEG AGP 1600 1910
      JU5XX AGP BEG 1955 2305

      I believe minimum connecting time in BEG is 45 minutes. The second example shows that even then the aircraft is late for connections such as AMM. If they can double ATR rotations in the morning and evening waves, that would help increase connectivity and reduce transit times. For example:

      JU210 BEG TIA 0630 0740
      JU211 TIA BEG 0810 0920

      JU110 BEG SJJ 1000 1050
      JU111 SJJ BEG 1120 1210

      Until we start seeing more schedules like these I doubt we will see these longer rotations such as AGP and LIS. Opportunities that come to mind is also DUB, MAN, EBL, BGW, KWI, IKA, TBS, EVN. They need to do more tweeking with their schedules in my opinion.

  5. Malaga should be an "essential" destination. It is the heart of southern Spain and one of the few areas of the continent with nice weather throughout the winter.

    1. Anonymous15:11

      Yes, Miro. It is a beautiful destination. I have been there 4 times already. In October the temperature was 22C lol. There are so many places around AGP which are worth visiting such as the medieval town of Ronda, Nerja and the train to Cordoba. Not to mention Fuengirola and the famous gay resort of Torremolinos. In Malaga, they have a nice metro, very tasty huge tapas, excellent seafood, nightlife and of course nice beaches. Architecture wise Seville is much more beautiful but Malaga definitely has this interesting vibe. Antonio Banderas is from there and he has a couple of luxury restaurants. It is also home to a large UK expat community.
      In winter temperatures are really mild and you can visit places like Caminito del Rey without going to the beach.
      ASL or W6 should definitely include AGP together with MAD, BCN and VLC.

    2. Anonymous16:07

      Man, you forgot Alhambra :D
      AGP would perform better than VLC (although I hear the bookings are quite good), I would bet on that. I mean Malaga airport is handling two times more passengers than VLC.

    3. Anonymous17:15

      Very true my friend, I did indeed forget Alhambra. I personally think that AGP might outperform VLC in many ways although VLC is a much bigger city and also has potential but the weather and prices are much better in AGP.

    4. Based on the style of your writing, I'm sure you stayed in Torremolinos everytime you visited the area :)

  6. Anonymous17:35

    Come to Portugal guys


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