Air Cairo delays EX-YU expansion


Air Cairo has pushed back the launch of its new scheduled year-round flights from Hurghada to Skopje, Sarajevo and Banja Luka. Initially scheduled to launch this week, the airline will now inaugurate operations to Sarajevo on May 6, to Skopje on May 11, while Banja Luka has been delayed by almost a month until May 20. Commenting on the new services, Air Cairo recently said, “The civil aviation authorities of Egypt, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia have approved the operating schedule for two flights per week from Hurghada to Sarajevo, Banja Luka, and Skopje. This expansion of the Air Cairo network enables for the greater influx of tourist traffic from Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia to the tourist attractions of Egypt, especially after allowing Bosnian and Macedonian passport holders and those arriving in tourist groups to obtain a visa to enter Egypt upon arrival at the airport”. It added, “We will work hard to provide a distinguished product and attractive prices for the travelling public on the Air Cairo network from Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia”.


  1. Anonymous14:15

    What happened with the routes to Belgrade?

    1. Anonymous14:47

      It was retorted they didn't get permit.

  2. Great News for BNX to have first Intercontinental flight


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