Air Montenegro launches regular Israel charters


Air Montenegro has commenced regular charter flights from Podgorica to Tel Aviv which will be maintained throughout the summer season. The airline will run two weekly flights between the two cities, increasing to three per week from July. “We expect to be able to maintain scheduled year-round flights to Israel in the near future”, Air Montenegro’s Sales Manager, Dejan Pižurica, said. On the other hand, Israeli carrier Israir will maintain operations between Tel Aviv and Tivat this summer. Apart from Israel, Air Montenegro is also running regular charter flights to the Armenian capital of Yerevan this summer. Over the weekend, the Montenegrin flag carrier inaugurated new scheduled flights from Podgorica to Zurich, Lyon and Paris.


  1. Anonymous10:46

    I saw that they are leasing A319 from Carpatair; is it due the demand or just becouse of maintenance or bad management?

  2. Anonymous12:20

    Montenegro keeps winning!


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