LOT to commence Pristina operations


LOT Polish Airlines will launch seasonal flights between Warsaw and Pristina this summer season, with the carrier to serve all markets in the former Yugoslavia as a result. Operations between the two cities will commence on June 6 and run four times per week, each Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, until September 29. Flights will be maintained with the 112-seat Embraer E195 aircraft. Further details can be found here. As previously reported, LOT is also launching operations from Warsaw to Sarajevo this summer.


  1. Anonymous13:46

    Bye bye Austrian Airlines and Turkish Airlines.

    All passengers to North America will fly via WAW now.

    1. Anonymous01:17

      I don't think so, bad timing, all the US flight that arrive in WAW are way after 8:15 a.m. so people will need to sleep at the airport and catch the next day flight, it doesn't make sense

    2. LOT will not fly daily, hence during certain days an overnight in WAW is inevitable. However, for the days when LOT flies the connections for JFK are nothing short of perfect.

      For instance, try Friday afternoon JFK to PRN (arriving on Saturday). Return on Saturday from PRN to JFK.

    3. Anonymous14:28

      The reaason anon 01:17 was under the impression connections to NYC do not work, is that departure/arrival times stated on exyuaviation are not correct.

      Correct ones:

      WAW-PRN 10:15-12:30
      (arrival from JFK to WAW at 08:50)

      PRN-WAW 13:20-15:50
      (departure to JFK from WAW at 16:45)

    4. Correct, apologies. The airline provided UTC times in the timetable but didn't indicate so.

    5. Give the EX-YU Aviation admin some slack as he's doing an incredible job breaking the news faster than much larger media organisation.

      There may be additional changes. I travel to Baltics regularly and I tried on lot.com flights to VNO, KUN, RIG or TLL and none of these routes are currently available on their site, but they're available on Kiwi for over 2,000 EUR. So, probably the fares have not been loaded into their system yet.

      In any case, I didn't have the time yesterday to comment properly, but what PRN lacks (and I would include SKP here too) is a new Malev that offers a decent network at decent prices with non-pretentious staff. LOT has that potential although geographically BUD was in a much better position to serve Western Balkans than WAW is. But there is a significant market in the Nordics (Scandinavia, Finland, and the Baltics) as well as the North American market to make this route work. And I very much hope that it does in PRN, SKP, SJJ and elsewhere.

      Obviously, the market has changed significantly since Malev's demise with so many direct no-frills routes, but LOT can fill the gap that Eurowings, Austrian, or Swiss fail to fill. But let's see.

    6. Why is there no flights to skopje with LOT, they said they will move the flights to ohrid but nothing is there. I actually quite enjoyed using lot for tranfering.

    7. Anonymous22:17

      anon 16:01, they will start on May 17

    8. @Visit Kosovo
      +100. Sign under every word. PRN, SKP and many other Western Balkans airports are significant source of transfer passengers to N and W Europe and N America. And in my opinion ZAG was an ideal place to become such hub, and long time ago I hoped it could become such a hub, in combination with tourism and its own diaspora. Unfortunatelly, our politicians and crooks related to them had much more important goals to achieve, as for example filling their own pockets

  2. Anonymous14:00

    They also upgraded LJU to 8x weekly!

    1. Anonymous14:12

      BEG was also increased to 9 in early May.

  3. PRN just recorded its busiest March ever.
    March 2022 figures:
    195,241 pax
    ^^^ up 95% on 2021
    1362 flight operations
    ^^^up 62.5% on 2021

    First quarter (Q1) figures:
    545,895 pax
    which, I believe, but have not double checked, is also the busiest Q1 ever.

    The addition of Lot to WAW will be a great addition for Baltics, Scandinavia, and North America. I very much hope that it turns into a year-round route.


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