Lufthansa boosts Ljubljana capacity


Lufthansa is increasing capacity on its service between Munich and Ljubljana, which is due to resume on May 2 after more than two years, with the route suspended as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Although the daily flights were initially scheduled to be operated by a mix of the 79-seat CRJ900 aircraft, as well as the 120-seat Embraer E195 jet operated by Air Dolomiti, the carrier will now utilise its 138-seat Airbus A319 on the majority of its operations between the two cities. Munich was one of Ljubljana’s busiest routes prior to Covid-19, with an average of over 80.000 passengers per year.

Ljubljana - Munich - Ljubljana passenger performance by year


  1. Anonymous10:33

    Good news for Ljubljana, Zurich and London flights are almost always overbooked. Out of 9 flights to London next week you can buy tickets only for 3 as all the other flights are fully booked.

    1. Anonymous10:38

      Real success, out of 3 flights per day for ZRH now we have 1 daily ZRH...

    2. Anonymous10:42

      And out 3 daily FRA, MUC, ZRH, CDG, 2 daily VIE, BRU, AMS and daily CPH we are left with 2 daily FRA, CDG, daily MUC, ZRH, BRU and few times per week to AMS. Bravo LJU!

    3. Anonymous10:53

      And don't forget that most of those flights are in the middle of the day which is complete nonsense for flights which are placed to connect LJU with major hubs.

    4. Anonymous11:59

      And that's why, we should have at least small national carrier, which will be able to provide unserved routes and better hours for bigger hubs, like Vue, Muc, Cdg...

    5. Anonymous13:43

      All of you are forgetting something: tickets now cost next to nothing. Oh, wait, they're still expensive. Well, at least we get to see Lufthansa.

    6. Anonymous13:54

      Yes, but more people trust Lufthansa than they used to trust Adria. And that's why many people who used to travel from Graz, ZAG on LH flights, now travel from LJU.

    7. Anonymous14:52

      Lol what a b****t, JP when it was state owned did not have issues with cancelations etc.
      And now there are far more passengers who are using flights from GRZ / ZAG / VCE due to poor connectivity at LJU airport. Even public tenders from Slovenia government now includes ZAG as well which was not the case when JP was around.

    8. JU520 BEGLAX00:24

      Great to see some positive news for Brnik Airport.

      @anonym 1038h

      The capacity today for ZRH-LJU is similar as before.
      JP used to have ZRH-LJU JP 307, 311 and 365
      JP 307 and 365 had usually 65-85% transit passengers heading to PRN SKP TGD SJJ TIA noon flights and TIA SKP PRN late evening flights.
      JP operated with CR7 (70 seats) and CR9 with 86 passengers.
      LX operates today A221 and A223 with 125 and 145 pax or Embraer 190 E2 with 110 passengers or Embraer 195 E2 with 134 passengers.

      A ZRH-PRN return ticket passenger was counted in LJU 4 x. It will take years to reach the numbers of 1.8 Mio again and I dont see it reachable very soon, as long no LCC offers more flights out of LJU. For the time being we have to be satisfied with 700-800K passengers and hope that IB and AY are coming back next year. SU wont be back very soon, which could be an opportunity for QR to offer A320 flights.

    9. Anonymous12:00

      JU520 BEGLAX, do you have information how many transfer passengers there were on other routes?

  2. Anonymous12:39

    Once again proving that there is demand in Slovenia; mix of E75s and E90/5 would be perfect for new national carrier. No idea why there is no talks about new carrier especially as we are in election year

    1. Anonymous13:10

      Hah, well... We waited for over 10 years for some movement on main train station and new train infrastructure in Slovenia. I expect we can wait about 10 years for a new national airline. Faces change but the progress is similar.

    2. Anonymous14:56

      I really can't understand that they don't even ask candidates regarding that topic. Only Bratusek clearly expressed what she would do to improve Slovenian connectivity (funny thing as she sold JP to 4k). Does anyone know what is Golob opinion about improving air connectivity in Slovenia?

    3. Anonymous15:04

      Ann 14:56 Golob is running "We are not Janša" politics and it might work with this elections but will fail terribly in long term. Bratusek won't be able to voice the opinion with 3 seats in the parlament and the right side cleary didn't do anything over the past years. So the conclusion is that we can get national carrier only by mirracle :D

    4. Anonymous15:17

      I found this article, it was published today by STA which appariantely explains what different parties think about national airline. But you'd have to pay for it. I didn't :D


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