TAP expands EX-YU reach


Portugal’s national carrier TAP is extending its reach to select cities in the former Yugoslavia by expanding its codeshare partnership with Star Alliance partner airlines. TAP has added its designator code and flight numbers onto Lufthansa’s service from Frankfurt to Ljubljana, as well as on Swiss International Air Lines’ operations from Zurich to Ljubljana, Belgrade and Sarajevo. Furthermore, TAP has expanded its codeshare partnership with Croatia Airlines by adding its flight numbers onto its Croatian counterpart’s services from Munich to both Split and Dubrovnik.


  1. Anonymous13:39

    It would be nice if they expanded their own opertions to these cities.

  2. Anonymous15:06

    They are going to be crushed by JU. Why would anyone fly with TP when JU offers a phenomenal codeshare connection?
    I am looking at flights for June on JU's website and these are the fares: 76.911, 43.778, 95.625, 62.491....

    1. Anonymous17:34

      From where to where?

    2. Anonymous18:11

      BEG-LIS on Air Serbia.

    3. JATBEGMEL02:04

      For comparison, 81.000 din gets you a return ticket to JFK in June. 59.700 din if you connect via AMS. Lisbon must be some exotic place and not a European capital and major hub if they are charging as much as 95.000 din to fly you to LIS.

    4. Nemjee08:17

      Best part about the 95.000 Dinars connection is not the price but rather the timetable. Not only do they want to rip you off but they also want to make you stay in Athens for 21 hours! You arrive at around 15.00 to ATH and your flight to LIS is the next day at 13.00.
      I am sure this connection is in really hot demand. Congratulations to Air Serbia, they are truly the master of code-share agreements.

      Another interesting example is Birmingham. We are sending some business partners there this June and I looked at JU and what they offer. They offered a connection with a bus from London! This made zero sense since both AF and KL fly to Birmingham. In the end we just booked them with KL. Even when you want to help JU they make it impossible.

      They should not be surprised when their marketshare at BEG plummets to 37% or 38% like it did in January and February.

  3. Anonymous15:20

    Tap is really missing from Balkans , they don't even fly to ATH.

  4. Anonymous15:43

    They should come back to Belgrade, especially now that they have really competitive prices to the east coast of Canada and USA with A321NeoLRs. People could connect via Lisbon

    1. Anonymous17:06

      They are clueless .
      Their world map ends east of Croatia .
      Thats the same people that once were the first Europeans in Japan, but that time has long passed ...

  5. TAP should be flying to Belgrade and Sarajevo making use of their Airbus standing at night on LIS tarmac.

    1. Anonymous22:43

      TAP was always more focused on Western Europe to US/Canada and Brazil flights. Now that they have them A321LRs they can easily operate flights. LIS is very strategically located.
      Their fares from Western Europe to US are insanely cheap.


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