Air Cairo touches down in Banja Luka


Air Cairo inaugurated year-round operations between Hurghada and Banja Luka late last week, with a full Airbus A320 aircraft departing Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city. The airline will maintain two weekly operations between the two. Although tickets can be purchased online, the majority of seats are being filled by the Kon Tiki tour operator, which already has 2.000 travellers booked on the service over the coming summer months. Air Cairo introduced scheduled operations from Hurghada to both Sarajevo and Skopje this month, with the airline to run regular summer charters between Sharm el Sheikh and Pristina from July as well.


  1. Anonymous10:23

    Well done to BNX on getting their first intercontinental service. Not a charter and year round!

  2. Anonymous15:00

    A new era for BNX. Who would have thought they would reach that far....

  3. Anonymous15:39

    All we need is Easyjet

  4. Anonymous16:29

    Shame on Serbia for blocking those flights.

    1. Anonymous18:25

      Air Cairo is already flying from Hurgada to Belgrade.

    2. Anonymous08:13

      He is referring to Sharm and Cairo flights that they applied for.

  5. Anonymous00:01

    Great news and success for Banja Luka airport. I hope to see more new flights to Paris, London, Moscow, Barcelona, Athens, Rome, Amsterdam.


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