Air Montenegro to launch regular Poland charters


Air Montenegro will commence a regular one weekly charter service between Podgorica and Katowice this summer after reaching an agreement with Polish tour operator Rego-Bis. Services will commence on June 16 and run until September 29. Rego-Bis is the largest Polish tour operators in terms of the number of clients travelling to former Yugoslav markets. The agreement was reached with assistance of PMA Aviation, a consulting company that helps Polish airports in the development of their networks and introduces new airlines onto the Polish market. Air Montenegro is operating a number of regular charters this summer including to Yerevan and Tel Aviv.


  1. Anonymous10:46

    Great news. They are building a nice little network.

  2. Anonymous11:44

    Montenegro keeps winning!

  3. Anonymous15:43

    Thats little compensation for the loss of the Russian market .
    And as if that wouldnt already be bad enough, they seem to loose dominance over JU on the Belgrade route.
    Montenegro Airlines some years ago dominated on that route and today they have more and more less flights to there..


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