Canada’s WestJet adds Zagreb codeshare flights


Canadian carriers Air Transat and WestJet have concluded a new transatlantic codeshare, which sees the latter add its “WS” designator code and flight numbers onto seasonal services between Toronto to Zagreb operated by its partner. Air Transat will restore flights to the Croatian capital after more than two years this Saturday. Services will initially run once per week before increasing to two weekly from mid-June. The codeshare also includes destinations in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. "This new codeshare with Air Transat complements our growing global network, allowing WestJet to offer guests exciting new destinations in Europe. As our guests return to travel, these new options will connect North America and Europe in new ways and benefit guests on both sides of the Atlantic", WestJet’s Chief Commercial Officer, John Weatherill, said.


  1. Anonymous13:31

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. My friends were on June 07 flight YYZ ZAG, it was canceled and travel agent told them it was due to poor loads . They sell seats for 400 CAD but seems to be still challenging to fill up those flights..

    1. Anonymous16:57

      400 CAD is one-way basic fare. If you do a round-trip and add 1 piece of luggage + seat selection it is around 1000 CAD or more. That's not cheap and probbaly one of the reasons why people are opting for other airlines.

    2. Anonymous19:31

      Hmm i bought the ticket from YYZ to Zag & nothing is canceled, what r talking about?

    3. And my friends bought two tickets for the first flight of this season, in 5 days, May 8, ZAG to YYZ. Cheapest return tickets, with nothing extra added, 670 euro each. Flights are not cancelled. Maybe for some reason, June 7 flight is cancelled, we all still live covid scam scenario after all, but for sure on long term bases your wet dream for ZAG YYZ flights to be discontinued will not come true.

    4. June 07th is cancelled due to poor loads . Your prices pozdrav is Rijeke do not exist. . Too bad we are can not aable to post pics on here but go on there website and check your self . Like I can care less if service is there or not.. I do not use their flights regardless.. just putting the facts.

    5. The first Transat flight leaving Toronto today, Saturday LT and operating Saturdays from Toronto and Sunday from Zagreb. Second weekly flight, Tuesdays from Toronto and Wednesdays from Zagreb, was and is supposed to start operations on Tuesday, June 14, and operate until end October as well. Flight Toronto Zagreb on Transat on Tuesday Jun 7 never existed and therefore couldn't have been cancelled. And all of us following this blog still remember your info about 250 passengers on certain JU JFK flight, which actually had 60 passengers. That much about your credibility. Cheers!

  3. Anonymous14:41

    ZAG is unstoppable! You all know it.


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