European carriers schedule Belgrade Final Four charters


Several European carriers will operate one-off charter flights to Belgrade for the upcoming EuroLeague Final Four tournament next week. The majority of the one-off flights will run between Barcelona and Belgrade. Carriers that will maintain services include Air Nostrum on May 17, Iberojet and Orbest on May 18, as well as Croatia Airlines on May 22, although the latter will only fly from the Serbian capital to Spain’s second largest city. Both Iberojet and Orbest are expected to use wide-body aircraft for the occasion. Additional charters are to be scheduled in the coming days. Belgrade Airport expects a surge in traffic as a result of next week’s event.


  1. Anonymous13:39

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous13:58

    Odd that they have the spare capacity.

  3. Anonymous10:17

    Kakve veze ima hrvatska i njihovi prevoznici sa Final Four?

  4. Anonymous11:26

    I don't know where they will fit all these people. The hotels are all booked and so are most of the Airbnb rentals. Belgrade airport this morning was PACKED. Worst gate you can get is C14, especially if the motorized walkway is not working it's like a 200 meter walk. No restaurants or coffee shops close by at all.


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