Podgorica Airport overtakes pre-Covid performance


Podgorica Airport is recovering from the effects of the pandemic and handled more passengers this April than it did so in the pre-Covid 2019. During the month, Montenegro’s main airport welcomed 91.254 travellers, an increase of 0.4% on three years ago. The results were achieved despite Montenegro Airlines’ collapse, with its replacement, Air Montenegro, still developing and smaller than its predecessor. Overall, during the first four months of the year, Podgorica Airport handled 230.314 passengers, which is still down 19% on 2019.


  1. Anonymous14:41

    Amazing. In LJU we got rid of our national airline and won't recover for years. In Montenegro they replaced their national airline within 6 months and here are the results.

    1. Anonymous18:54

      +100, even if i am Slovenian, i can say you its the sad true reality, and thank you for dancing with us!

    2. Anonymous18:57

      Yes. A national airline would solve everything. *sarcasm*

    3. Anonymous19:13

      Crna Gora sure did manage to resolve the issue quite quickly. They cannot allow themselves to remain without connections. After all, the connectivity via train, land is a bit more limited. They need tourists to sustain their economy. We observed that they were dedicated to the matter of establishing a national carrier asap and they achieved it.
      I do not think Slovenia is interested in doing the same. Now that ZAG has also significantly expanded and with so many delays by airlines this year, there is doubt what will happen.
      Until today, Slovenian aviation logic is very hard to understand.

    4. Anonymous19:26

      True true anon 18:57, national airline will not do it, Fraport and their fanboys will!!


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