Qatar Airways to deploy widebodies to Belgrade, Zagreb


Qatar Airways has begun implementing changes to its operations during the upcoming FIFA World Cup which will be held in Doha between November 21 and December 18.

The airline plans to upgrade its daily Airbus A320 service between Doha and Belgrade to the 305-seat A330-300 jet, featuring thirty seats in business class and the remaining 275 in the economy cabin. The aircraft will be utilised from November 17 until November 20. From November 21 until December 3, it will deploy the 260-seat A330-200 jet, after which it will again use its A330-300 aircraft until December 20. Qatar Airways is also modifying its schedule to Belgrade, with a departure from Doha at 04.00 in the morning, arriving in Belgrade at 07.30 local time, and departing back for the Qatari capital at 09.00 for an arrival at 16.00. Its standard scheduling will be restored following the World Cup.

Qatar Airways is adjusting its equipment to Zagreb as well. Starting November 20 until December 20, it will run daily flights to the Croatian capital with its 254-seat Boeing 787-8 instead of the A320. The aircraft features 22 seats in business class and the remaining 232 in economy.

Further equipment changes remain likely.


  1. Anonymous13:34

    Interesting about ZAG. But what happened with SJJ and SKP? I see no flights this winter on the QR website. Are they gone for good?

  2. Anonymous13:35

    Damn ZAG massively outperformed BEG!!

    1. Anonymous13:38

      How? They are sending bigger capacity to Belgrade and incraesing capacity earlier. Not to mention Zagreb used to be double daily pre Covid. Some time do some checks before you write nonsense.

    2. Anonymous22:49

      What are u talking about > Beg was double flight daily also before Covid same as Zagreb.

    3. Anonymous23:07

      No it was not. It was daily, and then ten weekly in July, August and September. Then back to daily.

  3. Prepelica13:37

    Thank you exyuaviation team! I just managed to snitch three normally priced tickets for World Cup. Two days ago direct flight was 1500+ EUR

    1. Anonymous13:39

      How much did you pay now?

    2. Anonymous18:33

      870e for 23/29.11, from QR website yesterday, with certain refund options. Can be found for 820e thru web resellers, prob. w/o flexibility.

    3. Anonymous07:06

      Damn that is expensive

  4. Nemjee13:44

    I really like Qatar, I think they are a high quality carrier. Hopefully once China opens up they could keep these widebodies on their BEG route.

    Talking of BEG, good news is that they opened the taxiway parallel to the runway so planes no longer need to use the runway after they land from the West.

    1. Oh wow, Nemjee, how long did it take you to come to the conclusion that Qatar Airways are a high quality carrier?

    2. Anonymous14:50

      @Nemjee - yep, the TWY A section between TWYs C and D to be exact, though to counter that reopening, TWY A segment between TWY B and C has been closed, along with Apron N (de-ice platforms). This now means that most departures depart from TWY C, with the option of back-taxiing onto the start of RWY 12.

      It will be interesting to see how long this lasts. According to the Notams, the partial closure of the main taxiway was issued around mid march, to last until June 1st., and they apparently finished work around 2-3 weeks early. I think they will use this opportunity to finally pave the final 'major segment' of the runway, connect it to and repave TWY A and link it up with the new de-icing apron which is being built. Since this new closure is scheduled to last until mid August, i guess we should expect a reopening for all of this around the end of July!

    3. Anonymous14:54

      Typo - meant to say - connect it to, and repave TWY B (as they did with TWY E where it meets the new runway, last summer i think)

    4. Anonymous15:00

      High quality, yes, ok. I flew with them to Asia and they are good. I just dislike the fact they made so much fuss with the A350 painting issue just because they were seeking compensation. I think it was not right to communicate with Airbus in such a negative way. They very quickly forgot about their initial A310 fleet in the 90s, or the A330 that served them quite well as well for an airline which is not even 30 years old.
      I like QR and their product a lot but dislike their fake hypocrisy and thinking they are leaders in the market when there are airlines which are waaaay much older than them such as Qantas, Finnair or Avianca. Am I defending the A350? Probably yes. Am I thinking they were too harsh on Airbus? Yes.
      Anyway, I am not a huge fan of the Dreamliner and would have preferred the 777-300 or the lovely 767-200 as well. Have travelled with the Dreamliner 788 to Latin America from Europe and the experience in both ways was not pleasant at all.

    5. Anonymous15:56

      whats wrong with the dreamlines?

    6. My favorite long-haul aircraft are B767 and A330 due to their 2-3-2 and 2-4-2 seat configuration. A350 and B787 with their 3-3-3 configuration just feels too crowded. I flew Air Canada's B787 and didn't like it at all. The 777 with the 3-4-3 configuration was even worse.

    7. Anonymous17:49

      True dat.

    8. So it's not about the class of travel, not about pitch, not about day or night flight, not about crying infants next to you, or group of drunk youngsters, or without, it's not about the seat next to the toilet or galley, not window, aisle or central, not if the plane is fully packed or half empty, not if the flight is 6 or 16 hours, not if delayed or on time, not if with constant turbulences or just smooth calm flight, it's all about the type. Good to know! 😃

    9. Nemjee20:38

      Anon 14.50

      Thank you for you reply, it's very informative and appreciated.

      Anon 15.00

      Unfortunately their CEO is like that, he is a very difficult man to deal with. However, plane manufacturers accepted it because he is backed by the government which, right now, has unlimited funds.
      I found the 787 to be relatively ok, I hate those automatic dimming of the windows.

    10. Nemjee20:40

      Just to add, I think the seat pitch is crucial (and with it the seat design). For example, I found UA's B763 to be extremely comfortable while I had the opposite experience flying on OS.

    11. Anonymous21:20

      The 787s feel like a cheaper version of the 777. The overall experience is not so cool. I've flown both QR and Avianca and did not really enjoy the experience.
      The A330, 767 and especially 773 are amazing aircraft.
      The 773 lands on a runway as if it were butter. Quiet and stable.
      787s have good economics but not the most comfortable. Cannot comment about the 789. I think it might be much better.

    12. Prepelica19:02

      I dislike 787 for being the narrower 9-abreast aircraft. My experience with the aircraft is limited as I flew only with United's 787 a few times and even Economy Plus seat is quite uncomfortable, despite more legroom. Recline is quite limited. I do love the large windows tho.

  5. Anonymous03:37

    I think that 787 is exceptional in a way how cabin pressure and humidity keeps you really fresh after many hours onboard….interesting also noone mention big windows too…it is a cool plane for sure!

  6. Anonymous22:47

    RUBISH !!! A 330-200/300 is the oldest aircraft they have in fleet! On the website when I checked last time for 17,18,19, November was showing Qsuite booking from BEG-DOH meaning its either 777 or A350/9/1000 and tickets Rates were insanely high. It made me happy because for the first time even though it is during WORLD CUP customers traveling from Serbia can experience 5 star QR products, which other customers of different markets use on daily basis. Now of course they have transferred 777/A350 to different routes and gave us junk of A330 with same rates during world cup. Typical Fraud. While in the same time ZAG is getting better AC with less trafic, volume of customers and revenue. Real Deal discrimination.


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