Sarajevo Airport registers busiest April on record


Sarajevo Airport welcomed a record 94.690 passengers this April, representing an increase of 27.7% on its previous best result in 2019. The number of aircraft movements grew 9% to 1.165. During the first four months of the year, Sarajevo Airport handled 271.978 travellers, an improvement of 2.9% on the record-breaking pre-pandemic 2019. Istanbul remains Sarajevo's busiest route. This May has already seen the arrival of Air Cairo with its new scheduled year-round service from Hurghada, while LOT Polish Airlines will introduce seasonal operations from Warsaw to Sarajevo by the end of the month. 


  1. Anonymous14:41

    Amazing results and the summer has not yet started! It will be a very good year for SJJ :)

  2. Anonymous15:48

    Well, as Wizz have opened a base a year ago, this is not surprising.

  3. Anonymous17:27

    That's a really good news. I thought that the numbers would be lower due to Ramadan.

  4. Anonymous21:05

    SJJ's JAN-APR == PRN's APR

    1. Anonymous22:00

      LJU JAN-MAR = half of PRN APR. Bravo Fraport!

    2. [S.K.]14:19

      PRN catchment area is Kosovo, which is appx, a city of 2mil people. SJJ's catchment area is barely 1/2 milion with TZL getting a fare share of passengers. Plus Bosnians are travelling by coaches and are mad on driving everywhere.


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