Air Montenegro marks first anniversary


Air Montenegro has celebrated its first year since launching commercial operations. On June 10, 2021, the carrier inaugurated flights from Podgorica to Belgrade as the new flag carrier of Montenegro. “This is an opportunity to look back at all that we have achieved within a very short period of time, but also recognise new opportunities and challenges. Even though the company was founded in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and a very challenging time for the entire industry, through perseverance, know-how and innovative thinking we managed to position ourselves on the European market”, the carrier’s Acting CEO, Dragana Frantov Nikolić, said. She added, “After just one year, Air Montenegro has doubled its destination network and operates a significant number of charter flights throughout the year, which is an important aspect of promoting Montenegro and aiding the tourism industry”. This summer season, Air Montenegro will have launched seven new routes. Today, all passengers will receive a symbolic scratch map to mark the countries they have visited.


  1. Anonymous14:08

    To be fair, I thought it was gonna go worse than it looks like. So good job Montenegro, Slovenia should learn from you

  2. Anonymous15:12

    Lol someone that was flying them today said passengers were manically scratching the map thinking they would win a free ticket or money 😂

  3. Anonymous06:58

    Montenegro keeps winning!


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