Air Serbia to refresh aircraft cabins


Air Serbia has become the launch customer for AJW Technique Interiors’ "SkyLeather" range of seat coverings. SkyLeather is a sustainable, manmade material offering “significant” weight savings over natural leather, according to AJW Technique Interiors. “Its durability and easy clean surface reduces airlines’ direct maintenance costs and its lightweight construction reduces fuel costs”, the company added. The synthetic, 100% Polyurethane material will be installed onto Air Serbia’s Airbus A320-family fleet. “We have worked closely with the AJW Technique Interiors design team over the last twelve months and are delighted to have selected SkyLeather for our A320 platform”, Air Serbia’s CEO, Jirí Marek, said. He added, “This innovative product will bring significant fuel savings and also contribute to Air Serbia’s commitment to introduce sustainable products wherever possible across the organisation”. AJW Group’s Chairman and CEO, Christopher Whiteside, commented: “We are excited to have been chosen by Air Serbia, a major legacy carrier, and look forward to supporting their drive towards sustainability”. The new seat coverings will be manufactured in the company’s production facility in Bojnik, in southern Serbia.


  1. Anonymous13:58

    Air Serbia would be better to fix the panels hanging out in the cabin ceiling or perhaps take them completely out to further induce sustainability. A cleaning of side panels and ceiling / luggage compartments would also help!

  2. Anonymous15:55

    Start with YU-APL first please. The interior of this plane is desperately in a need for urgent repair and refurbishment. APM is probably the same too as it's also ex Adria bird.

  3. Anonymous16:05

    Wow this is amazing!

  4. Anonymous16:18

    A launch customer - to use the favorite descriptive here - prestigous indeed.

  5. This is brand new fuel saving decision. I wonder how much weight they lost on A320 now. Is it 0.5kg or 1kg?

  6. Anonymous20:54

    Hahaha, I'm also how much fuel they can actually save from this design change. 😆

    1. Anonymous20:54

      *I'm also wondering

    2. Anonymous09:43

      Basically zero.
      They will not save any fuel, but they will increase their weight limits and consequently increase the income. Good enough.

    3. Anonymous18:43

      What? Airlines reduce catering portion sizes and change liveries to reduce aircraft weight. Of course this will save fuel.

  7. Првуљ Александар12:02

    This is artificial material, probably it easy to clean, but is it comfortable enough, is it capable to provide good microventilation in 5th point and back zone?


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