Air Serbia to wet-lease second Lumiwings jet


Air Serbia will wet-lease a second aircraft from the Greek-registered Lumiwings. The Serbian carrier is currently wet-leasing a Boeing 737-700 jet from the same airline, with the B737-300 set to join later this month. The thirty-year-old aircraft, registered SX-LWA, features 139 seats and is currently scheduled to operate on a number of Air Serbia routes from June 20, among which are Berlin, Tirana and Brussels. The B737-300 will not come as a replacement for the -700 series, with both jets to be utilised by Air Serbia at the same time. As recently reported, the Serbian airline will also wet-lease an Airbus A319 aircraft, registered YR-URS, from Romanian carrier Dan Air. The contract will run throughout the summer. Wet-leases are usually short-term leases where the lessor provides aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance to the lease.


  1. Anonymous10:31

    From 30 year old ATRs to 30 year old Boeings. I hope they use it on charters only

    1. Anonymous10:32

      ". The thirty-year-old aircraft, registered SX-LWA, features 139 seats and is currently scheduled to operate on a number of Air Serbia routes from June 20, among which are Berlin, Tirana and Brussels. "

    2. Anonymous10:33

      They also said that A320 should come to BEG yesterday and it's still stuck in Moscow :)

    3. Anonymous10:50

      This airline had also A320/A321 but they decided not to order them.

    4. Anonymous10:53

      Instead of its arrival, now JU have another ac stuck at SVO. YU-ARB who flew yesterday afternoon and was supposed to return by 2 am is still at SVO.

    5. Anonymous10:56

      If YU-ARB is actually stuck in SVO (which, by the looks of it, is). This WILL be a huge problem for JU. You can only just get A320/737/E90s on short term lease now, but getting A330/B767 to operate LH flight in 24 hours is something that they simply can't do

    6. Anonymous11:06

      Why did it fly there?

      Was it a regular flight?

    7. Anonymous11:11

      Yep, regular 2nd daily flight, should've departed SVO at 2:10

    8. Anonymous11:21

      Anon¸11:17; I just double checked it myself. I was wrong, it's not regular (judging by the callsign), but they are sending A330 on 2nd flight to Moscow

    9. Anonymous11:26

      They've stopped sending A330 to Russia early April, as they were warned by US authorities not to use the same a/c they fly to the USA

    10. Anonymous11:34

      It was sent to carry parts for tbe broken YUAPH.
      It should be returning to Beg soon. The 330 I mean...

    11. Anonymous11:43

      If it was to deliver the parts, why would it be in SVO for more than 12h? And why in gods name would they send a330 for parts ferry?

    12. Anonymous11:44

      What parts are those that couldn't be carried by normal A319?

    13. Anonymous11:49

      Anonymous11:44 I really can't think of any unless it's a full engine, but in that case even A330 doesn't help you

    14. Anonymous11:52


    15. Anonymous11:58

      Flight Radar 24 says that the return flight from Moscow has been cancelled. If their A330 has been really stuck there then the CEO needs to be sacked right there on the spot.

    16. Nemjee12:00

      According to there is a charter flight from SVO onboard the A320 that is expected to arrive at 15.05. Hopefully that is YU-APH coming back home.

    17. Anonymous12:03

      What with the A330 then?

    18. Anonymous12:04

      @Nemjee - where do you see that?

    19. Anonymous12:07

      Nemjee just checked the website, nothing there

    20. Nemjee12:14

      Sorry, my bad, it's listed as tomorrow's arrival.

    21. Anonymous12:16

      Yep I found it too! But what I find weird is that the listed flight is the only one listed under arrivals from SVO

    22. Anonymous12:18

      Expected departure from SVO with YU-ARB is today at 13:50h

    23. Anonymous12:20

      @anon 11:58
      JU's majority owner is the government of Serbia and we've seen so far that quite a lot of decisions regarding the airline were not brought from within the company, but from govt's headquarter. Therefore, at this moment it wouldn't be fair to put the blame on the airline's ceo. At least not until we learn what has caused airplane to become stranded at SVO, or who had ordered airline to fly their single A330 to Russia, despite previous warning from the US not to deploy it on the flights to Russia if they're using for the US flights as well . What happens if tomorrow this airplane is banned from flying to the US?

    24. Anonymous14:01

      Because the government isn't as involved as some make it sound on here. JU has to prepare proposals for the government which then they accept or turn down.

    25. Anonymous14:10

      YU-ARB is coming home right now.

    26. Sall14:16

      YU-APH (JU 4023) is scheduled for 15:25.

    27. Anonymous20:45

      330 had to literally carry big engine panels and parts for the 320, thats why it was sent there. I'm sure it wasn't their choice to burn all that gas flying there and back on a 330 for the parts only.. But glad both birds are home now! :)

  2. Anonymous10:34

    I wonder do they have any long term strategy or just bypassing short term problems?

    1. Anonymous10:35

      There is obviously no long term strategy, they operate one day at a time. That's why their fleet planning is so chaotic.

    2. JATBEGMEL13:47

      The vision was quite clear prior to the pandemic, pretty much seemed to be growing into profitability. The pandemic has forced alot of short term planning with airlines, not just JU, as restrictions were constantly changing. This is why there is a global mess in aviation as it is recovering faster than expected.

  3. Anonymous10:34

    They do like their antics.

    1. Anonymous15:07

      I assume you meant "antiques". "Antics" refers to infantile behaviour. I guess you grab what's available when short-term fleet supplementation needs to take place.

  4. Anonymous10:49

    Can someone explain their fu*king obsession with the A319 and 140 seat planes for charters?

    1. JATBEGMEL13:50

      Perhaps most tourist agencies ask for that capacity.

    2. Anonymous14:01

      Not when it comes to Egypt since Al Masria wanted to operate the 332

    3. JATBEGMEL14:40

      I believe Al Masria was to be scheduled and not charter. Besides, this is 1 destination out of 20.

    4. Anonymous15:32

      It was a scheduled charter the last time. TU also used to send A300-600 before they retired it.

    5. Anonymous15:35

      They send often 7-9 planes to a single destination.

      Would a couple of A321 be a more rational decision?

    6. Nemjee16:17

      I remember last summer there were days with 13 daily departures to AYT. I am sure they could have operated 7 or 8 using A321.
      They could also use this extra capacity on high density routes like TIV.

      If Wizz Air can successfully operate high density A321s in BEG then I am sure JU could too.

    7. JATBEGMEL16:28


      No, considering its a huge jump from A319's to A321's, while something in the middle is there - the A320. JU has only 1 of the type, and this is an aircraft JU should try and have more of.

    8. Anonymous16:55

      How can you explain that an airline with no transit market in BEG is able to deploy A321 to LCA, MLA and all around Europe, while JU can't to Paris, slot-restricted London, Zurich, Moscow and so on.


      Tells you something about JU's management.

    9. Anonymous16:58


      There is no such a thing as huge jump.

      They are sending several planes to a single destination instead of one. There are also markets in BEG that could do with A321 year-round, besides charters.

      Benefits outweigh the losses here.

      Just look how more they'd be earning to Moscow now.

    10. Nemjee17:08

      I was looking at JU fares to LCA in June and you can barely find a daytime flight for less than 20.000 RSD one way. Their Monday morning flights are almost sold out. I think JU was handicapped here as they didn't have enough planes to respond to this growing demand.

      Wizz Air seems to be doing well on this market and, for example, their 19.06 BEG-LCA is sold out. Now that is impressive given that they operate a 230 seat A321 on this market.

      I guess Wizz should send a gift basket to JU to thank them for handing them over this market. Just look at these Sunday BEG-LCA fares:

      05.06 - 11.759
      12.06 - 18.819
      19.06 - sold out
      26.06 - 36.979
      03.07 - 39.329
      10.07 - 34.799
      17.07- 26.979
      24.07 - 17.049
      31.07 - 34.629
      07.07 - 34.799

      I wonder if Wizz Air might add a third LCA flight next year. Maybe with a LCA-based A320 if they don't have spare capacity in Belgrade.

      Now this is another market where JU could have deployed a higher capacity aircraft.

    11. JATBEGMEL17:39


      Wizz has a different model. Lot's of destinations at low frequency, where price is the factor that generally attracts its customers, who are usually flexible. That isn't the case with JU. And the market doesn't demand solely having 100's of destinations at low frequencies. Neither model is bad, it's good having the variety. Wizz hasn't exactly expanded that much in BEG in the past 10 years, as much as JU have btw. Neither is all Wizz flights from BEG operated by BEG based ac.


      If the demand for more capacity year round was there, more A320's would be in the fleet rather than just 1. With ZRH for example, where the A320's were active, they decided on 3 daily on the A319 rather than 2 on the A320, effectively offering more capacity overall. CDG was another example where a 3rd daily at 4pm would of happened had the pandemic not set things back. There a couple of destinations that JU could increase frequencies, Spain in particular. Personally, I think JU should definitely take on another A320. Once they get a few of them in the fleet, only then should they think about the A321.

      As for the charters, we don't know exactly what was agreed upon with the agencies. Do they want the capacity or not? Do they want to be sharing or are they sharing the current capacity? Is it 6-7 flights operated by 1 agency or several? Can JU use the A321 at least 15 hours everyday to make bringing the aircraft in worth while? We see the number of aircraft going to a single destination but know very little behind the scenes.

    12. Anonymous17:43

      So you are implying that they are not adding ATRs because there is not demand?

    13. JATBEGMEL17:47


      JU should increase their frequencies to LCA back to daily.

      Interesting to see that JU will have a morning rotation to LCA on Mondays, pretty much 2 flights from LCA on the same day.

      JU880 BEG LCA 0635 1000
      JU881 LCA BEG 1045 1225

      It seems that LCA is also being moved away from the midnight wave.

    14. Nemjee18:08

      JU planed to have that Monday morning flight before covid, it's great to see it brought back. I suppose it connects quite well onto the Sunday night wave which also includes Sochi and Moscow. This coming Monday BEG-LCA is sold out in economy.

      I am happy that they are adding more daytime flights as they are much more competitive however at the same time, them not adding that many night flights could mean that the number of transfers isn't that high (excluding Russia).

      With Wizz going wild in LCA, it makes you think if JU could have gone beyond daily flights this summer season. Pre-covid they planned 9 weekly. Btw their June fares have been high since early May. I know several people who bought their tickets to LCA and no one went with JU as they were too expensive. If they had more A320s they could have competed more efficiently against Wizz.

  5. Anonymous10:53

    Once again , why does someone announce a big route expansion and you don't have the proper fleet to support it ??!!!

    1. Anonymous12:19

      Because they can make extra money by taking wet lease during busy summer months and not losing the money by keeping it during slow winter months.

    2. Anonymous12:53

      Of course they will do , but what about from next month with all those new routes ,they might have many delays and this will be bad for their reputation .

    3. Anonymous12:54

      Sorry this month .

    4. Anonymous13:49

      They got 2 more ATR's (one old 72-200 obviously retired already), in June comes third 72-600 and they got newly leased A319 (YU-APN).

      According to JU more planes are to come.

  6. Anonymous10:56

    Posekli svoje stare boinge jer su potrošačke aždaje, a sad će i plaćati zakup i nenormalnu količinu goriva. To samo mi možemo. Blago poreskim obveznicima.

    1. Anonymous11:44

      Нису они били потрошачке аждаје уопште.

    2. Nemjee12:02

      Ти 733 су били хорор, посебно кабина. Проблем је настао када их нису на време заменили, посебно прошле године када су сви били спремни да изнајме летелице за много мање пара. Данас су се околности промениле... на горе по авио-компаније.

    3. Anonymous12:14

      I dalje B733 zdere puno goriva i nadam se da su dobro razmislili i izracunali da li vise goriva koje ce potrostiti B733 opravdava eventualno nizu cenu wet leasinga i veci broj mesta na ovom avionu u poredjenju sa B737-700.

      Takodje postavlja se pitanje pouzdanosti ovakvog aviona s obzirom na svoje godiste. Ne kazem da je nesiguran da leti vec da se lakse moze pokvariti nego neki noviji i samim tim stvori jos vece probleme nacionalnoj avio kompaniji.

    4. Nemjee13:10

      Ипак мислим да је цена била пресудна, тј да су спремни да плате више за гориво докле год месечна рента није висока. Искрено, почињем да мислим да нико не обраћа пажњу на PR и на то како ће се неке овакве одлуке одразити на бренд компаније међу путницима. Коришћење маторих АТР-ова који су у фази распада је додатно допринело нарушавању угледа фирме. Уз све то, ЈУ је све сем јефтина. Ем људи плате више ем се возе АТР-ом са сломљеним седиштима итд.

      Супер је што су подмладили АТР флоту али њу је неопходно одржавати. Недавно сам летео са њиховим А319 и кабина унутра је била мање-више дотрајала а ливреја избледела.

    5. Anonymous13:47

      Vrlo verovatno si u pravu sto se tice cene, samo da ne bude na kraju "ko ne plati na mostu plati na cupriji".

      Ja nisam imao losih iskustava sa kabinom u JU avionima iako prilicno cesto letim sa njima ali uglavnom sa A319.

      Sigurno da sa ovakvim avionima ne obracaju paznju na PR...mada mozda se vode i time da ce ovaj avion uglavnom leteti na charterima a zbog dobro poznate politike CAD-a ili mozes da letis sa njima ili da ne letis uopste. Po tom pitanju su zasticeni kao beli medvedi i zato ih PR uopste ne tangira.

      U aprilu sam leteo sa ATR za Tivat i imao sam srece da letim sa 72-600 :). Super izgleda unutra.

    6. Anonymous13:56

      Do you have any info to back that up, how much are 733 more прождрљиви?

      I think they don't consume more than 5-10% per seat.

    7. Anonymous14:07

      Issue is not so much fuel consumption as are the spare parts.

    8. Nemjee16:18

      Све зависи од А319, неки су супер унутра док неки други и нису баш.
      Ја се искрено надам да ће се више посветити овим стварима јер су јако битне када је углед фирме у питању.

  7. Anonymous12:25

    Air Serbia just love those 30 year old 737-300's.

  8. Anonymous13:32

    I lost the logic. It seems this aviation mayhem is beginning to loose control. We passed from super restrictions to super liberty. And now, problems in Europe with staff shortages and airlines were not prepared ahead for a busier summer including Air Serba. It gives me the impression they had a more relaxed schedule and suddenly realised more people want to travel. This is the only reason why you would suddenly shift from a strategy where you were getting rid of the antics just to get newer ones, even if it is temporary.
    I hope it all goes well with the transfers, punctuality and having the airport staff will prepared for those extra and extra flights just in a sudden.
    I can't believe we all went from partial lockdowns to removing masks and travelling freely in just a matter of 2-3 months.
    I mean, many airlines cancelled their charter programmes this year such as Jet2 or Aegean so let's see if AsL is doing the right thing.

  9. Anonymous14:06

    Smartwings B737 last year, random old 733 this year so what's next year? The Caravelle from the museum? There seems to be a pattern.


  10. Anonymous17:15

    From what I checked online, this aircraft used to have winglets and now they have been removed. Does anyone know why? If it is 31 years old and well maintained, there should be no reason for it not to continue flying. For example, Germany's Condor have ancient 767s almost 30 years old but still operating. Usually, charter companies do not operate with new aircraft such as LCCs.

    1. Anonymous17:31

      It never had winglets

    2. Condor B767 and B757 are well maintained as Condor isn't trying to save money on maintenance. On the other hand, companies like Luminwings want to save every cent, especially on maintenance.

    3. Anonymous07:01

      There are rumors going around that JU requested for winglets to be removed to save a few pennies on the monthly lease.

    4. Anonymous08:57

      Stop writing nonsense. There are no winglets on the 737-300. There are on the B737-700 they wet leased.

  11. Anonymous18:23

    "The decision was also made in line with goals to reduce our fleet’s greenhouse gas emissions and make savings in maintenance, training and means required to keep an aircraft of over thirty years in operation” JU statement, when they retired 737 fleet. It seems that they now have found 733 that is "green powered"

    1. Anonymous18:31

      It's called being Wizzier than Wizz. Look it up.

    2. Anonymous20:33

      Jealousy and ignorance powered comment. Wet lease means aircraft does not become part of the fleet, training, maintenance. When 30 year old F100 operates routes within ExYu EU neighbour, that doesn't trigger your eco concerns?

    3. Anonymous21:00

      Well as I can see, that is not a comment but the statement of Air Serbia from 2021, regarding the retainment of Boeing 737.

    4. Anonymous22:33

      "It seems that they now have found 733 that is "green powered" - your comment, not airline statement. Still no comment from your neck of the woods regarding 9A registered 25-30 year old eco planes?

  12. Anonymous21:42

    tačni podatci od Boeing 737-330 star je 20 godina 12/2002

    1. Anonymous21:45

      Ne nego 30

      Boeing 737-330
      L9 / LWI
      L9 / LWI
      MODE S
      AGE (Jun 1991)
      30 years


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