Bulgaria Air expands Air Serbia cooperation


Bulgaria Air is further expanding its codeshare partnership with Air Serbia by adding its designator code and flights numbers onto another six routes maintained by the Serbian carrier. All six were launched this summer. They include services from Belgrade to Hannover, Lyon, Nuremberg, Palma, Salzburg and Valencia. Earlier this year Bulgaria Air started codesharing on Air Serbia flights from Belgrade to Ljubljana, Oslo, Podgorica and Tirana, complementing its Sofia – Belgrade codeshare.


  1. Anonymous10:39

    Bulgaria is one of the weirdest airlines in Eu; run by mafia to launder money, full of safety issues etc, but still tries to improve connectivity with deals like this :D
    Better this than Slovenia I guess...

  2. Anonymous17:09

    I hope this isn't desperate strategy to fill up seats

  3. Anonymous08:45

    Bulgaria Air has a better safety record then Air Serbia!

    1. Anonymous10:27

      Lol, thats a joke, RIGHT


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