Former Montenegro Airlines boss makes comeback


One of the founders of Montenegro Airlines and its CEO of twenty years, Zoran Djurišić, will assist the Prime Minister of Montenegro in an undefined capacity after it was initially suggested he would become an advisor in the field of air transport. Mr Djurišić set up the former Montenegrin carrier and ruled the company until he was replaced in 2013 after it was found the airline had withheld information on the amount of losses it was generating and covered up millions worth of debt. The Montenegrin State Audit Institution concluded in 2013 that a total of 2.1 million euros worth of debt had been covered up while financial losses were misrepresented. Claims of corruption and nepotism also marked his reign at the company. Initially, Mr Djurišić, who is part of the Democratic Party of Socialists, which supports the reigning minority government in Montenegro, was to assist the Prime Minister in steering the country’s new national airline, set up just over a year ago, and help in resolving ongoing issues in Montenegro Airlines’ bankruptcy proceedings. However, following strong public criticism, the government backed down from its initial plans. Prime Minister Dritan Abazović noted, “Zoran Djurišić will not be an advisor to the Prime Minister. He has a contract for occasional jobs. He will perform duties I think are necessary. I call for patience and reconciliation, after which we can pass judgment on the results”.


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    A cat's got 9 lives

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    The soap opera goes on and on and on

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    Some things never change same mafia in power again

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    Thats a joke !!


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