LATAM to begin Zagreb codeshare flights


South America’s largest carrier, LATAM, which serves as the national airline of several countries, including Chile, will commence codesharing on services to Zagreb next week. The carrier will add its flight numbers and designator code onto Vueling’s service between Barcelona and the Croatian capital. It marks the first time LATAM has extended its reach into the region. The airline flies to Barcelona from Brazil's largest city of Sao Paulo.


  1. Anonymous13:32

    Bravo Hrvatska!

    1. Zato sto juznoamericka kompanija ima codeshare sa spanjolskom kompanijom na letovima za Zagreb? OK. I ne samo bravo Rvacka nego i Zivijo Adeze!

    2. Anonymous21:24

      Hrvatska ≠ OU. Kapish?

    3. On this site where aviation is discussed, and with all of its preferential treatments and benefits, Rvacka, because where we live today is not Hrvatska, is OU. The one who needs to capisc all OU wasted cnances and potentials under Kradeze is you

  2. Anonymous21:18

    I think this would come well for the Croat diaspora in Latin America especially north Chile, Argentina and Brazil. In north Chile there is a Croatian heritage site in the city of Iquique. I saw it when I visited but it was closed at the time.


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