Serbia and Algeria discuss potential flights


The newly appointed Algerian Ambassador to Serbia, Fatah Mahraz, has launched an initiative for the establishment of flights between the two countries, meeting a number of relevant stakeholders in the past few weeks. “In talks held upon the request of Ambassador Mahraz, we discussed the Algerian initiative and the conditions that need to be met for the resumption of scheduled flights between Serbia and Algeria, in the mutual interest of both parties”, the Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate said in a statement following talks with the Ambassador. Air Serbia will run several sports charters from Belgrade to Algeria’s second largest city of Oran later this month for the upcoming Mediterranean Games.


  1. Anonymous10:34

    Were there ever direct flights between Algiers and Beograd?

    1. Anonymous10:40

      Yes. JAT flew to Algiers and Air Algerie flew to Belgrade.

    2. Anonymous12:04

      It was some other world. A lot of business, trade and diplomatic travelers between the two...

    3. More precisely, JAT flew two weekly Belgrade-Zagreb-Algiers on B737 and Air Algeria once weekly Algiers-Belgrade-Bucharest on B727

    4. Anonymous18:07

      Just checked some old printed JAT's timetables that I still keep. Valid for summer 1991 31.03-26.10 Algiers flights were as following:
      BEG-ALG Thursday 10:35-12:05 JU 032 on DC9
      BEG-ALG Friday 18:00-19:35 AH 3021 on 727

      ALG-BEG Thursday 12:55-16:25 JU 033 on DC9
      ALG-BEG Friday 13:45-17:10 AH 3020 on 727

      Winter timetable valid from October 1991 until March 28, 1992 had only AH flights

      I'll try to find even older JU's and other airlines' printed timetables that I've left somewhere in my basement.

    5. Anonymous18:11

      So the stop in ZAG was later on dropped?

    6. Anonymous18:25

      It never existed.

    7. Anonymous18:44

      Does this mean that mr. Pozdrav is lying?

    8. Anonymous18:46

      He isn't. Flights operated via ZAG for some time.

    9. Anonymous18:51

      So Anon 18:25 is lying? Damn guys

    10. Anonymous20:00

      Pozdrav is lying i.e imagining things.

      There was no need at all for an Algiers-bound aircraft to land in Zagreb.

      The timetable confirms it.

    11. Anonymous20:41


    12. JATBEGMEL22:50

      JAT established flights to ALG on March 27th 1983.

      Winter timetable for 1983/1984 season shows the following:

      BEG ZAG 0800 0850
      ZAG ALG 0930 1150

      ALG ZAG 1250 1525
      ZAG BEG 1600 1645

      Flights that season operated 1 pw (Thursdays) with the DC9. No local (domestic) traffic was permitted to board the aircraft for the BEG-ZAG-BEG sector.

      Air Algerie that same year launched BEG, November 1st 1983, with the following schedule:

      AH3234 ALG BEG 0730 1005
      AH3235 BEG ALG 1500 1745

      Flights operated 1 pw (Mondays) and continued onwards to BUH operating BEG-BUH-BEG, without rights to carry pax between Belgrade and Bucharest. Aircraft scheduled was a B727.

      Full online timetable can be found online.

      Fun fact: on the day that ALG was launched, JAT also launched SKG and resumed flights to BEY and KWI. WAW was relaunched a month later.

    13. I can allow lot of stuff but I will never let anyone call me a liar. If someone is chauvinist and everything that has even remote connection with Croatia considers bad, I don't mind. However I do mind when someone seriously insults me by calling me a liar. 1991 was a year when deep sheet already happened. JAT stopped flying to Croatia summer 1991. Of course there was no more Algiers at that time. The fact is that Croatian and Bosnia companies, primarily construction, had more business and more contracts in Algeria than Serbian ones. From the day one of Algiers operations, and if I am not mistaken it was back in 1995, when 737-300 's started joining the fleet, ALL Algiers flights were ALWAYS operated via ZAG, both ways. And you, who called me liar, no matter because of your ignorance or your chauvinism, shame on you, and after all, you are the one who has to live with all that hate and ignorance

    14. @JATBEGMEL
      Air Algerie was operating ALH-BEG-BUH in 1977. Maybe even before, but my oldest JAT timetable is from 1977 and AH was operating the route. Maybe there was some break in service, which I don't remember, but will not claim totally impossible, however Air Algerie introduced BEG, and on to BUH long long before 1983. And thanks for confirming my info on JAT operating Algiers via ZAG while Yugoslavia still functionally existed, which was note the case anymore in 1991

    15. Anonymous02:12

      @pozdrav iz Rijeke

      No problem.

      Digging online, Interflug also flew SXF-BEG-ALG-BKO-FNA-CKY back in 1972 with the IL-18.

      Aeroflot also had SVO-BEG-ALG with IL-18's.

    16. JATBEGMEL02:14

      Last anonymous is me. Was a bit quick on the finger when posting.

  2. Anonymous10:37

    Why not Algiers?

  3. Anonymous11:53

    Air Algerie had scheduled flights to both Algiers and Oran back in the time using both B727 and B732. Hopefully they will restart flights to Belgrade soon which I really doubt cause they are in mess... Pity!

    1. I don't remember scheduled flights to Oran on AH, but I do remember JU tried Constantine, for a very brief period

  4. Anonymous18:13

    Honestly what we need is more capacity to IST! Has anyone looked at the fares? TK is sold out from BEG on the 19th while on some days one way fares go as high as €330!

    I guess these are the benefits of artificially limiting capacity.

    1. JATBEGMEL23:08

      JU website has the most expensive fare for the whole month of June on the 26th at 25.411 din (215€) one way. Book via their app and it's cheaper.

      TK has quite a number of flights well over 50.000 din (425€) one way.

      Fares are typically between the 14-19.000 din range for June.

  5. Anonymous21:08

    were also
    to Constantine one per
    for some

    1. Anonymous07:41

      Where is Constantine?


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