Air Montenegro touches down in Cairo


Air Montenegro has launched regular charter flights between Podgorica and Cairo, linking the two cities for the first time with an air link. Organised through an Egyptian tour operator Tishoury tours, the service will cater for Egyptian tourists visiting Montenegro. The flights are being operated by a wet-leased Airbus A320 aircraft from Croatia’s Trade Air, each Tuesday, until September 20. The Montenegrin government has temporarily lifted visa requirements for Egyptian nationals until September 30. “This is a big day for Montenegro. Why? Because we are opening the doors to a new market. The Montenegrin government’s decision to lift visas for Egyptian tourists was a smart move, which has resulted in these nine flights in the coming period. All of the flights are sold out and I hope this is just the beginning of a successful cooperation between Montenegro and Egypt”, the Montenegrin Minister for Economic Development and Tourism, Goran Djurović, said.


  1. Anonymous14:21

    Why did it fly TGD-TIA-CAI?

  2. Anonymous14:44

    Montenegro keeps winning!

  3. Anonymous17:23

    Market of more than 100 million people .
    Even if only 1 percent of Egyptians are well of - then its one million , more than CG has inhabitants .
    Well done, Montenegro Airlines !

    1. Anonymous17:33

      It is Air Montenegro.

      Montenegro Airlines is defunct for 1.5 year now

  4. Anonymous15:50

    It’s brave to waive the visa requirements.


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