Air Serbia hiring crew for upcoming expansion


Air Serbia has announced it will be hiring new cabin crew members for its planned expansion and increased traffic in the coming period. Interested candidates, who are at least eighteen years old, have a high school diploma and are fluent in English, can apply by filling out an application no later than August 10. Applicants must also be Serbian citizens. “This summer we have witnessed travel recovery and passenger numbers are approaching pre-pandemic levels. In order to maintain the regularity of flights and uphold the quality of service at the highest level, as well as prepare for the announced expansion of intercontinental, Euro-Mediterranean and regional destinations, it is necessary to expand our team with new cabin crew members. Similar to previous years, we are expecting a great response and interest from colleagues with experience in air transport and hospitality, but also those who are young and have no experience but wish to enter this extremely dynamic and vibrant industry which offers many opportunities. We are prepared to give them all a chance to grow professionally in a company recognised as one of the best employers in Serbia”, the airline’s General Manager for People and Performance, Milica Netković, said. This is the second time since the outbreak of the pandemic that Air Serbia has been hiring new crew members, the first being back in April. The application form can be found here.


  1. Anonymous14:22

    With open balkan initiative, one would assume JU would open up for job applications from neighboring countries as well, but hey...

    1. Anonymous14:29

      And what? Pay for their accommodation in Belgrade? Goodness, always something just to criticize.

    2. Anonymous15:24

      It's not really about accommodation but about logistics, visas, insurance etc. for personnel. It is much easier to do it for single type of passports.
      Open Balkan is for free flow of people & business across few countries, we are not considered as one entity when talking to the rest of the world.

    3. Anonymous16:09

      As a Serbian taxpayer I'd rather them hire Serbian citizens.

    4. JATBEGMEL16:56

      I also think that JU should have some crew from neighboring countries that are part of the Open Balkan group, especially if they want to further long haul.

      It is fantastic PR for the airline, added languages spoken by crew for in flight service, customers are likely to book family members on an airline where language barriers might not be a problem, especially here in the Balkans.

      Residence visas are not difficult to arrange, especially once connections are involved. The fee could be waved for JU staff if the government wanted to go ahead with it. Insurance is also sorted out by the employer.

      Accommodation might be a problem but there are places in Novi Beograd close to the airport where deals can be made for multiple apartments in the same building, which would ease things. Perhaps have the airline pay for the accommodation expenses while crew pay utilities is an idea.

      It doesn't have to be a huge investment but it'll be amazing PR for the company.

    5. Anonymous17:00

      They actually did this in the past

    6. Anonymous17:00

      It's ok, lots of local candidates, no need to shop abroad

    7. Anonymous17:12

      Open Balkan is not there yet, still many procedures to be settled. It will first start functioning for seasonal workers (agriculture, horeca...) Or specific professions like drivers and construction workers and it will take some time to see foreigners I. AirSerbia, but I am sure that will come in few years. Problem is not accomodation, visas etc, as they already hire foreigners in management, but also pilots. It's more about it that company is not yet competitive with ones like ME3 who basically introduced the international stuff concept.
      My personal estimation is that we'll wait 2-3 years till that happens, but we'll see it for sure.

    8. Charlie19:29

      There are people already living in Serbia (Serbian citizens) that speak Albanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Romanian, Slovenian.
      Perhaps a targeted campaign within the ethnic communities would work and JU could get some positive RP as a result.

    9. Anonymous20:39

      You could easily find all of these people in and around Belgrad.

    10. JATBEGMEL21:11


      Excellent point, it completely slipped my mind.

      What might make things difficult is if there isn't enough of those language speakers in Belgrade and willing to join JU. Worth a shot I guess.

    11. Nemjee07:02

      If they need Albanian speakers then all they have to do is cross Pancevac and reach 'charming' Borca. There are plenty of them there. Actually, I think Borca is the most culturally diverse area of the entire Balkan peninsula.

  2. Anonymous15:07

    Did JU have staff shortage this summer season? As almost all airlines had problems, but it seems Air Serbia did not cancel any flight due to lack of their staff? Does this mean they planned better or they just did not fire staff during COVID?

    1. Anonymous16:09

      Yes they had a hiring spree before the summer, I think it was in spring.

    2. Anonymous16:10

      It says it in the article jeez.

    3. Anonymous16:10

      "This is the second time since the outbreak of the pandemic that Air Serbia has been hiring new crew members, the first being back in April."

    4. Anonymous17:02

      Anon 16.10 no need to be nasty. Maybe the first time it was not successful. If you don't like someone's question just ignore it next time if you don't have anything nice or polite to say.

    5. Anonymous17:45

      or just read the text next time

    6. Anonymous18:04

      Not really, they pushed their crews to the breaking point... Going above limits and bending rules on daily basis... Nothing about being proactive here.

    7. Anonymous18:25

      Compared to how proactive was KLM, BA, LH, Wizz... JU was far better. It's a fact that's hard to swallow in your neighborhood.

    8. Anonymous19:35

      I would hardly call KLM, BA, LH, Wizz proactive considering all the problems they have had.

    9. Nemjee07:04

      I don't think JU cancelled a single flight due to a crew shortage. They did pretty well considering what their competition is doing these days. Btw even LO introduced quite a lot of cuts for August.

  3. Anonymous18:20

    Any info about salary?

    1. Anonymous18:36

      It’s around 1000€ during the season.

    2. Anonymous19:37

      How many hours do they typically work in high season, and low season?

    3. Anonymous22:12

      1000€ is quite a decent salary for the region. Ryanair pays around 1300-1400€ in Spain for instance.

    4. Anonymous22:18

      Close to 100hr block hours in the high summer summer

    5. Nemjee07:19

      Average salary in Belgrade was €700 last year. From what I read online salaries have gone up this year again. If you make €1.000 a month in Belgrade it's not bad but it's not considered a fantastic salary either.

      Average salary in Belgrade (RSD):

      2018: 60.689
      2019: 68.140
      2020: 74.311
      2021: 82.132

      Air Serbia
      Average salary/ number of employees

      2019: 259.692/ 1.439
      2020: 235.980/ 1.411
      2021: 193.064/ 1.094

      We will see what JU does this year. In order to attract talent, they will have to make sure their salaries are competitive.

    6. Anonymous07:21

      Average common worker hours per month is 160.

  4. Anonymous19:54

    Koliko ljudi nemaju predstavu koliko je uzasno trenutno u firmi. Toliko fali ljudi da niste svesni. Da ne ulazim u to koliki je pritisak na letacko osoblje da se odrade letovi na slobodne dane...

    1. Anonymous20:21

      Kako se vaša poruka drastično razlikuje od prvog današnjeg komentara.

    2. Anonymous20:49

      Mogu tek da zamislim kako je toksicna atmosfera u Lufthanzi koja sutra strajkuje

    3. Anonymous20:53

      Razlikuje se jer vecina ovde voli avijaciju i slepo samo cita vesti u kojima je sve lepo, dok je realnost druga. Sto se tice strajka lufthanse ni mi nismo daleko od toga, problem je sto je zabranjen strajk u sred sezone.

    4. Anonymous21:30

      Za razliku od velikih kompanija koje su otpustile hiljade ljudi 2020-te i sad su same krive za nastali haos

    5. Anonymous21:45

      Dolazi drugi A330,uvode se letovi za Kinu i ORD,zapošljavaju se novi ljudi,zar to nisu lepe vesti?

    6. Anonymous22:18

      Ne treba mnogo lutati po komsiluku da se nadju oni kojima to nije lepa vest.

    7. Nemjee07:08

      Коме се не свиђа нека слободно да отказ и нека иде даље (као што су многи већ учинили). Нит ће бити први нит последњи. Никада ми нису били јасни људи који нису задовољни послом а не напуштају га, посебно сада када постоји страшан недостатак радне снаге.

    8. Anonymous10:52

      @Nemjee - that's because your head is very far up your own a$$. See, people are allowed to complain and demand change. That's why strikes are legal in the free world, and so are worker's unions. By your logic, we should all give up on things that aren't perfect instead of fighting to improve them. Many airline employees prefer being based in their hometown instead of some Romanian or Polish $hith0Le in Wizz Air's network, or worse yet, in a theocracy like Qatar, so they'd rather stay in Serbia and complain about their employer than move to the other end of the world just so your feelings don't get hurt because employees demand better working conditions.

    9. Anonymous10:53

      Ne napustaju jer zele ostati sa svojim porodicama, jedina alternativa je daleko od Srbije, ali koje ja pricam. (pricam o letackom osoblju)

  5. Anonymous07:44

    Air Serbia it's excellent brand am as Serbian citizen proud to have such vibrant and good airline. Find staff extremely pleasent. I don't mind paying a bit more to support Serbian airline.

  6. Anonymous09:58

    I te kako su se otkazivali letovi zbog nedostatka kabinskog osoblja. Plata nije povecana zadnjih 7 godina, dok su ostalim sektorima plate uvecavane. Jedan mucan posao sa koga svi odlaze, mobing i pritisak i svasta nesto lose.


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