Air Serbia to take delivery of third ATR72-600


Air Serbia is set to take delivery of its third seventy-seat ATR72-600 aircraft (pictured) as it continues the renewal of its regional fleet. The aircraft, registered YU-ALX, has received the carrier’s corporate livery in Montpellier, as well as the new Geven “Prestige” seats, which provide baseline features such as recline, a high literature pocket and eighteen inches in width. The airline currently has two ATR72-600s in its fleet, delivered earlier this year, one ATR72-500, which will be replaced by YU-ALX, and three ATR72-200s, although only two of the latter are in operation. A further two of the -600 series will be added by the end of the year. One will join the fleet in September or October and the other at the end of the year, in November or December. Once all the -600 version aircraft arrive, Air Serbia will phase out the ATR72-200s, which are now over thirty years old. Since the Serbian carrier owns three of the remaining -200 series turboprops, the company is studying the possibility of entering the freighter market and using the aircraft for cargo flights.


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  2. Anonymous13:44

    What's the idea behind phasing out 500s before 200s?

    1. Anonymous13:48

      Because 200s are owned by Air Serbia so no lease payments. 500 is leased.

    2. Anonymous14:50

      Great news but a little too late

    3. Anonymous12:29

      ATR 72-600, my favourite plane. I would like to see them more than 5 by Air Serbia. It would be great when Air Serbia base one ATR at BNX with flights to BEG, Tivat, Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Budapest, Niš, Skopje, Atina, Brač

  3. How old is the ALX?

    1. Anonymous15:59

      Taken from Planespotters, its definitely this plane. Same lessor as ALW, same operator history, even close registration numbers. ALW was OE-LKU previously.

      OE-LKR AERCAP ATR 72-600 (72-212A)
      Manufacturer Serial Number (MSN) 1466
      Aircraft Type ATR 72-600 (72-212A)
      First Flight 3 Nov 2017
      Age 4.7 Years

    2. Anonymous17:01

      Nice one - thanks Anon 15:59


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