British Airways halves Zagreb flight schedule


British Airways will reduce its operations between London Heathrow and Zagreb next month due to ongoing staffing and capacity shortages. The carrier will operate 23 out of the initially scheduled 49 flights in August. According to the “Croatia Aviation” portal, British Airways will maintain six weekly services between London and Zagreb next month with a mix of Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft, down from the initially planned twelve weekly rotations. London's Heathrow Airport is capping daily passenger numbers for the summer and telling airlines to stop selling tickets as it steps up efforts to quell travel chaos caused by soaring travel demand and staff shortages. The airport has set a limit of 100.000 passengers that it can handle each day through to September 11. The restriction is likely to result in more cancelled services even after airlines already slashed thousands of flights from their summer schedules.


  1. Anonymous10:51

    It's currently nit worth flying to LHR. Its a meltdown, so at this point if they canceled all of them it wouldn't be a tragedy

    1. London Gatwick is much worse!

    2. Anonymous08:50

      And LTN is melting haha. So LCY is the only one left

  2. Anonymous11:53

    Western civilization comes to a halt... Hahaha

  3. Anonymous17:34

    Thank you for the link !


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