Qatar Airways to maintain seasonal Sarajevo operations


Qatar Airways will maintain seasonal operations between Doha and Sarajevo this year after the airline restored flights between the two cities following a two-year hiatus last month. The Qatari carrier plans to run its three weekly services to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital until September 16. Prior to the pandemic the route was operated on a year-round basis. Flights are yet to be scheduled for 2023 but are expected to resume in March.


  1. Anonymous13:55

    I hope that from next year they will return with year round flights.

  2. Anonymous14:00

    That's not ideal

  3. Anonymous14:03

    What happened with DOH-LJU talks? Just talks, considering, interested in... as always.

  4. Anonymous14:38

    Come on Qatar, Macedonian people and diaspora is awaiting your comeback to Skopje

    1. Anonymous14:50

      I will fall off my chair if they don’t seasonally return in 2023 for the European Summer, particularly if FJ do not plan a return.

    2. Anonymous14:50


    3. Anonymous16:51

      SKP has been eliminated from the QR booking system and no flights are available for now and comes with no surprise following various airlines' decisions. The Australian diaspora is probably gonna have to fly via Changi or Bangkok and Istanbul and Vienna to reach their final destination.
      SJJ has much more demand in summer and after the World Cup massive future QR cuts, they might reconsider it starting 2023.

    4. Anonymous17:26

      Are you saying they might consider SJJ or SKP again in 2023? It's pity to rely only on Turkish (although a great and stable airline) for long haul flights from SKP

    5. Anonymous19:22

      SKP and SJJ are 2 very different markets for QR in this case. SKP relies entirely on its Australian diaspora while SJJ is focused on Middle East tourism mainly in summer but not only.SKP might get more German or Swedish gasto routes next year.

    6. Anonymous03:57

      Longer term, the only other option is if/when TK commences IST-SYD, which will be a great alternative.

  5. Anonymous18:59

    When is LJU going to welcome QR again? I think that the Qatari Emir didn't came with one 747, one A343 and an A320 for pleasure to talk to Fraport Slovenija of their poor management


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