Skopje Airport reaches pre-Covid traffic


Skopje Airport handled 213.347 passengers this June, almost eclipsing the figure it achieved over the same month during the pre-pandemic 2019. Back then it welcomed 215.021 travellers through its doors, meaning this year’s result is down just 0.8%. The strong figure was achieved on the back of Wizz Air, which has now fully restored its Skopje network. Commercial aircraft movements stood at 1.654, down 2% on 2019. During the first half of the year, the airport processed 862.479 passengers, down 18.6% on its pre-Covid figures, or 196.744 travellers short of 2019 numbers.


  1. Anonymous10:34

    Like I said yesterday, SKP is back!!!

  2. In Mars11:11

    Good numbers!

  3. Anonymous11:17

    also the increased numbers of charters contribute to this

  4. Anonymous17:33

    Success of SKP, is failure of PRN to attract low cost flights. Almost all my family members from Hamburg and Finland (Turku) are using SKP. When I pick them at SKP about 70-80% are passangers from Kosovo.

    1. Anonymous17:49

      As soon as the staffing issues are sorted Wizz base in PRN will be imminent.

    2. Anonymous18:44

      koja nebuloza @17.33

  5. Anonymous20:46

    Great news really. I hope Skopje will have at the end of year better results


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