Wizz Air cuts frequencies across EX-YU network


Low cost carrier Wizz Air is further adjusting its operations, after it announced a 5% reduction in the number of flights across its network due to staffing shortages. Following on from the temporary suspension of six routes from the former Yugoslavia, the budget carrier will also reduce frequencies on a number of services in July and August. From its base in Skopje, the airline is reducing operations to Basel, Cologne, Gothenburg and Friedrichshafen, from Belgrade, frequencies to Dortmund and Malmo will be cut, while from its Sarajevo base, Wizz Air is lowering operations to Cologne and Copenhagen. From Ljubljana, frequencies will be cut to London Luton, Banja Luka will see Basel and Malmo reduced, Pristina and Niš see cuts on operations to Vienna, while services between Podgorica and Rome are also being reduced. The Croatian coast will also be impacted with frequency cuts from Rome to Dubrovnik, as well as from Poznan to Split.


  1. notLufthansa18:01

    Good for environment

    1. Anonymous18:22


    2. Anonymous20:12

      Yes! Let’s prevent normal people from flying to visit their relatives or going on a holiday they surely deserve. All in the name of the environment. While the millionaires and billionaires are still going to hop around in private jets, sail with yachts and live in vast houses that consume more energy than a village. But yes, aviation intended for the regular people can suffer for the sake of the environment. I’m all up for that, but only after I never see a private jet on FR24 again. And a yacht in the ocean. And a mansion occupied by just two people.

    3. Anonymous20:14

      I think he was being sarcastic 😀

    4. Anonymous 20:12 take a deep breath. Inhale love exhale hate. 🤣🙏

  2. Anonymous18:07

    Wizzair is going bankrupt soon. Ryanair needs to take over


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