Wizz Air to restore Sarajevo - Skavsta service


Low cost carrier Wizz Air has scheduled the resumption of flights between its base in Sarajevo and Skavsta near Stockholm. The service will run twice per week, each Tuesday and Saturday, starting November 1. The budget airline introduced flights between the two cities last June, but the service was suspended from the winter months on a temporary basis. Passengers wishing to purchase tickets through the airline’s website from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital to Skavsta have, up until now, been redirected onto its service from Tuzla to the Swedish city. As a result, Wizz Air is currently expected to boast flights to eighteen destinations from its Sarajevo base this coming winter season, which begins on October 30.


  1. Anonymous10:42

    I would too if I were them.

  2. Anonymous11:25

    London Luton flights are full from Sarajevo they should also add more flights on this destination.

    1. Do you have statistic from this flight?

    2. Anonymous20:22

      Nope just a feeling

    3. It never worked. Hopefully this time will work.

  3. Anonymous13:08

    Sarajevo is on fire this year, well done!

  4. Milan (MXP) otkazan iz Tuzle do 30.10


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