Air Cairo to launch Ljubljana service


Egypt Air’s subsidiary Air Cairo will launch a scheduled service between the coastal city of Hurghada and Ljubljana this October. Flights will commence on Saturday, October 1, and run once per week with the Airbus A320 aircraft. The outbound service will operate via Skopje, with the routing Hurghada - Skopje - Ljubljana - Hurghada. There will be a one-hour stop in the Macedonian capital. The carrier has no rights to sell tickets between Skopje and Ljubljana. Ljubljana becomes the latest destination in the former Yugoslavia to be added by the carrier this year following Sarajevo, Skopje and Banja Luka earlier this summer. Tickets for the new service are on sale and can be purchased through the airline’s website. The Slovenian capital sees numerous flights to Hurghada over the year, but all operate on a charter basis. Further details for Air Cairo’s Ljubljana service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:07

    At least something. But since it is being combined with SKP I don't think it will generate so many passengers.

  2. Anonymous10:41

    Great News for Ljubljana.

  3. Anonymous10:44

    Thats some hard work from Fraport. First new route of 2022, and even thats one weekly. So happy that Fraport bought LJU.

  4. Anonymous10:48

    Random dates in novembre, 400€ rt ticket. Thats not gonna be easy.

  5. Anonymous10:55

    Very inconvenient for both SKP and LJU but I guess that's the price the passengers will need to pay if they want a year round service to Hurghada. For example the outbound flight from SKP is almost 8 hours, which makes flight through Istanbul shorter, something I used back in March when I went to Hurghada, including the connection it took me some 5 hours to reach Hurghada.

  6. Anonymous11:45

    Fraport didn't even put it on schedule yet, and ofc didn't announce it... doing they best :D

    1. Anonymous11:46

      Bravo Fraport!

    2. Anonymous13:13

      Fraport: zZzZzZzZ …

    3. I could hardly say who is better Fraport LJU or Croatia Airlines. Anyhow, Danke Deutschland!

    4. Anonymous16:11

      Danke DE, indeed. I did, however, stop by the airport the other day to check out the new terminal and I must say I was quite impressed. It looks nice, modern and clean. It was very busy, to my surprise. So that’s a plus from my point of view.

    5. Anonymous17:26

      I would say Croatia Airlines is better than Fraport SLO. Sure it is feeding LH cartel hubs and has the most useless management between airlines, but atleast ZAG is connected via cartel's hubs to the world. In the same time 90% of Slovenia uses other airports in region, tourists can't arrive normaly, business travel is down, all because Fraport is doing absolutely nothing to increase connectivity. And then they delusionaly think how everything is perfect and normal.

    6. Anonymous18:56

      Worst thing is that if the concession was to expire tomorrow, our government would renew it!


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