Belgrade begins final construction phase of new runway


The final phase of the construction of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport’s new 3.500-metre inserted runway began this month. Apart from paving the new runway, the work includes the construction of a new drainage and LED lighting system. The excess soil generated by excavations for the new runway are being reused for landscaping on the airport site, thus minimising the flow of heavy goods vehicles. A special type of high-resistance concrete, specially developed for the project, is being used to improve the runway’s weight-bearing capacity. Work is expected to be completed at the end of the year, after which the overhaul of the existing main runway, built in 1962, is set to commence. The inserted runway will remain in use as a parallel taxiway besides the existing runway once the latter’s overhaul is completed. The two will be linked through a new system of taxiways, including four rapid exit taxiways (RETs). The inserted runway will also be used in the future, should the main one be incapacitated to handle aircraft for whatever reason.


  1. Anonymous11:00

    BEG is really preparing for ORD, HAV, TSN, of course JFK and PEK, and maybe YYZ and more long haul routes!!!

  2. Anonymous11:17

    BEG will be a major player when they get all these long haul flights!

    1. Anonymous18:56

      No they won't, you don't become a major player with 1.5 planes

  3. Anonymous12:59

    Well done ex-yu! Quiet and efficient!

  4. Anonymous15:16

    Can anybody name a similar case of "inserted" totally non-functional additional runway? Never saw something so ridiculous - pure money waste.

    1. Anonymous15:18

      There are several. The insrted runway will be used as a taxiway and alternate runway. Alternative was to close the airport for months while the current runway is overhauled.

    2. Anonymous15:32

      Will it be 12/30 or 12R/30L 12L/30R

    3. Anonymous16:15

      @Anon 15:16

      Its so functional its actually a common occurance all of over the world, i agree its debateable if a separate second runway would be better long term, but this is not bad either

      I can name you several examples only in Italy for example.
      -Pisa (LIRP), Venice (LIPZ), FCO's 16L/34R (before 16C/34C was decomissioned), plus basically every military airfield with a few exceptions

    4. Anonymous19:32

      As I can see Pisa doesnt have a parallel taxiway in addition to the 2 runways so not really a good comparison.
      Military airports, not a good comparison.
      Inserted runway was a condition for the concession, there were a few reasons.
      A 60 year old plan was to make a second independent runway to the south, but…

    5. London Gatwick has this parallel runway - by the way LGW is the bizyest single runway Airport in the world.

  5. Anonymous15:50

    They need to build one more parallel taxiway and use both runaways for take offs and landings.

    1. Anonymous16:19

      They cant do that because there is some rule that dual runway operations are prohibited if runways are closer than 1200 meters (number could be wrong, but its somewhere in the 1-2km range)

      An example of adequate spacing would be LHR for example, or ATH

    2. Anonymous16:35

      You could be right. It look likes it’s around minimum or slightly below. It reminds me on LAX 24L/24R with very tight spacing.

    3. Anonymous16:44

      "The inserted runway will be 190 metres apart from the existing runway"

    4. Anonymous17:25

      For simultaneous landings and takeoffs using VFR, the minimum separation between centerlines of parallel runways is 700 feet (213 m)." For simultaneous IFR operations, "Dual simultaneous precision instrument approaches are normally approved on parallel runway centerline separation of 4,300 feet (1311 m).

    5. Anonymous19:18

      760m centerline distance.
      Gets lower if thresholds are displaced.

    6. Anonymous15:36

      They can move whole existing runaway to the nort-east so it's more away from this new runaway, and that will get them full 2 new usable runaways.

  6. Anonymous15:50

    Will it have CATIIIB as well ?

  7. Anonymous19:31

    It seems, at least by measuring at Google Earth, that the width of inserted one will be 65m.
    If so, it would be sensible to expect the widening, as well as lengthening of the renovated runway. Doesn't it?

  8. Anonymous02:24

    Why have the second runway if you cant use it wth?


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