Croatia Airlines closes four representative offices


Croatia Airlines has said it has closed its representative offices in the United Kingdom and Italy over the past six months, as well as its sales offices in Dubrovnik and Pula. This way, the carrier aims to “optimise the sales network, as well as strengthen online sales, especially during the pandemic”. To substitute for the closure of its offices in Dubrovnik and Pula, the carrier has opened a Travel Centre at both Dubrovnik and Pula airports. The travel centres are run jointly in cooperation with the respective airports and Obzor putovanja, a tour operator wholly owned by Croatia Airlines. The carrier still has its own representative offices in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Zadar, Skopje, Sarajevo, Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris and Zurich.


  1. Anonymous13:51

    I'm actually impressed how many representative offices they have left. Smart. I hope they don't go down the road of closing them all down.

    1. Anonymous21:40

      Why not? What is actually the purpose of the office since most of the sales comes from online channels which have much lower costs.... Prestige? Well, to have this you need a prestigious product first.

    2. Anonymous22:12

      Not all sales are through online channels. Airline offices support the trade where sales are made through the GDS, in terms of assistance and sales and marketing help. In the UK all major airlines either manage themselves or use a representation company, it's a cost of doing business. What OU need to do is sack half of the clingers on in ZAG who leach off the company as they have a second cousin twice removed in government.

  2. Anonymous15:44

    4 down, 10 to go.

  3. Anonymous16:34


  4. Anonymous20:45

    Wow, such a small airline having more offices than much bigger airlines!

  5. Anonymous12:56

    CTN accommodates their crews in a hotel, where for the second time bedbugs have bitten several crews...


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