Croatia’s ETF Airways to grow fleet


Croatian ACMI operator ETF Airways will add a further two aircraft to its fleet next year for a total of five. The airline currently maintains operations with three Boeing 737-800 jets, having taken delivery of its last plane just a month ago. One of the airline’s jets is based in Amsterdam, another in Pristina and the third in Paris, operating on behalf of foreign carriers. The company previously noted, “ETF does not aim to become a big scheduled carrier. Our main goal is to utilise the opportunities which we expect in the coming years through charters and similar arrangements, primarily on the EU market, through flexible and reliable service”.


  1. Anonymous10:50

    The fact that they will almost outgrow TradeAir in 2 years of operation is a bit weird to me. Either ETF is pumping in money from somewhere, or TradeAir isn't maximizing their revenue.

    1. Lithuania, double smaller than Croatia, has 3 ACMI airlines, Avion Express, Getjet and Heston, which combined have over 40 A319/320/321 and B737, as well as 5 A330. Both Trade Air and ETF are far better in making business than Croatia Airlines, and are limited by Croatia Airlines and its existence and overprotection. Also they are making things more difficult for themselves by Balkan mentality of their CEO's, combined with corporate greed. Lithuanian case shows that much bigger and faster growth is possible, with no money pumping or similar conspiration theories

    2. Anonymous11:28

      How are they limited by OU if they have completely different business models?

    3. First, they have business model, Croatia Airlines doesn't. Second, they are forced into type of operations they do because they are not allowed type of operations reserved for OU. That's how they are limited. If you don't believe me, ask people from Anic Airways, Air Croatia, Air Adriatic, Dubrovnik Airline,

    4. Anonymous12:54

      Or maybe there is much less risk involved and much more money to make in ACMI and charters? Just a theory. Are Getjet and Heston also blocked by the Lithuanian government? Was FR blocked to protect OU?

    5. Anonymous13:25

      Do these Lithuanian charter companies mostly fly to and from Lithuania or outside Lithuania for other countries?

    6. Anonymous13:54

      An 13:25 They fly from Lithuania as well but only chaters to holiday destinations.

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    8. Anonymous14:48

      Any EU airline can do as it wishes.

  2. Anonymous15:45

    At anonymous 12:54. Yes, as part of the concession agreement, LCC were not aloud to operate out of Zagreb for 5 years to protect OU.

  3. Anonymous18:01

    Bravo Hrvatska!


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