Ljubljana Airport handles over half a million passengers


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport has handled over half a million passengers during the first half of the year as its recovery from the pandemic and the collapse of Adria Airways continues. In July the airport welcomed 124.685 travellers through its doors, down 39.9% on the pre-pandemic 2019 but an improvement of 90.4% on last year. The number of aircraft movements stood at 2.373, down 28.3% on three years ago. Over the January – July period, Ljubljana Airport handled 508.317 customers, representing a decrease of 52.4% on 2019 or 558.688 fewer passengers.


  1. Anonymous13:32

    40% down actually isn't as bad as I expected... Especially without adria, and russia market. However it's still pathetic that we don't have balkan, iberia and scandinavia connections.

    1. Anonymous14:38

      no demand for iberia and scandinavia. balkan I agree.

    2. Anonymous14:57

      not true ! Iberian peninsula has a lot of demand (Stapel said in an interview that iberia is apparently returning next year…) . Scandinavia too but HEL relies on asian transfers and with very limited asian transfers in HEL this year the route was suspended , i dont expect SAS to launch any new routes as they are almost bankrupt…

    3. Anonymous15:13

      Anon 14:38 No demand to Iberian peninsula and Scandinavia? Both have more demand than Balkan.
      Anon 14:57 I don't trust Stapel.

    4. Anonymous09:34

      Oh, I found out that we have EU connections with those few flights per week (mostly during the day which is very useful for ongoing connections :))


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