Sarajevo Airport registers best July on record


Sarajevo Airport is continuing its stellar performance so far this year with 210.954 passengers handled this July, representing an increase of 16.6% on the same month during the pre-pandemic 2019. The number of aircraft movements stood at 2.033, up 16% on three years ago. During the January – July period, Sarajevo Airport welcomed 770.409 travellers through its doors, an improvement of 20.6%, or an additional 131.746 passengers. During the third quarter of the year, the airport is set to see a 46.8% increase in available seat capacity compared to 2019, the 25th highest capacity variation in Europe.


  1. Anonymous14:31

    Fantastic result. Well done Sarajevo!

  2. Good chance they may go over one million in 2022

    1. Anonymous18:27

      SJJ will reach 1 million by the end of September and will have a better result overall than in 2019: there are 280.000 seats available in August (200.000 pax or more is very possible which means there will be + 970.000 pax by the end of August) and when you add September it's a million. Let's not forget Sarajevo Film Festival in August which brings a significant number of foreign visitors.

    2. Anonymous07:45

      Sarajevo will end 2022 with 1,4 million PAX

  3. Anonymous15:23

    SJJ is heading towards the above 1 million mark! Excellent news!!

  4. Anonymous16:54

    Wow, this is amazing results for Sarajevo! They will pass 1 million mark already end of August, or first week of September! :)


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