Transavia France to run seasonal Ljubljana, Podgorica flights


Transavia France will suspend operations from Paris Orly Airport to both Ljubljana and Podgorica over the winter, with services expected to be restored next year. The airline introduced the two routes this April, with the final service of the year scheduled to take place on October 27 to Ljubljana and October 29 to Podgorica. Flights are yet to be scheduled for the 2023 summer season which begins in late March.


  1. Anonymous14:09

    Hope the flights come back next year. I notice Podgorica has been reduced to just 1 flight per week until the end of October.

    1. Anonymous14:16

      TGD has been once a week since the start I believe.

  2. Anonymous16:11

    They say that the aviation will struggle quite a lot in Western Europe this winter....

  3. Anonymous16:22

    LJU keeps on winning

    1. Anonymous21:52

      @ 16:22

      No need to be sarcastic. The “Bravo Hrvatska” guy praises CRO no matter what, good news or bad. In SLO it’s the other way around, people are negative, pessimistic and cynical, whether it’s good news or bad. Slovenians are their worst enemy. If it’s with this kind of attitude that they approach potential carriers, it’s no wonder why none decide to fly there.


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