Air Montenegro to boost Ljubljana service


Air Montenegro will increase operations between Podgorica and Ljubljana this coming winter season. The carrier will run three weekly flights between the two capitals, up from two last year. Services will be maintained each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting October 31. Air Montenegro handled 11.688 passengers on its Ljubljana flights between the January - July period.


  1. Anonymous13:42

    Montenegro keeps winning!

  2. Anonymous14:00

    They really need a e75 and make it daily, together with routes like rome, and vienna

  3. Anonymous17:30

    I was on LJU-TGD with Air Montenegro on Monday and 40-AOA was almost completely full, I think maybe only two or three seats were empty.

  4. Anonymous20:08

    Amazing news for Slovene and Montenegrin aviation.

  5. Anonymous06:31

    I saw a bunch of Brazilian guys at the airport recently in TGD looking at the Embraer still owned by Montenegro Airlines. Its apparently broken?!


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