Ljubljana Airport continues recovery


Ljubljana Airport handled 122.667 passengers in August, representing a decrease of 42% on the pre-pandemic 2019 when national carrier Adria Airways declared bankruptcy. The number of commercial aircraft movements stood at 2.270. During the January - August period, Ljubljana Airport welcomed 630.984 travellers through its doors, down 50.6% on 2019. It estimates handling over 800.000 passengers this year.


  1. Anonymous14:06

    Turkish is increasing Istanbul in winter.

    1. Anonymous14:27

      How much?

    2. Anonymous15:02

      From February from 10 weekly to 12. Bravo Fraport!

    3. Anonymous15:04

      Bravo to the company that is currently running Europe's worst performing capital city airport with Europe's worst connectivity? Some of you are easily pleased.


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