Ryanair hiring in Zagreb and Zadar


Ryanair will be hosting recruitment days in Zadar next week for cabin crew positions at its Lauda Europe subsidiary in Zagreb and Zadar. The open days will be held at the Hotel Bastion on October 8 at 14.00 and October 9 at 10.00 and 15.00. Lauda Europe’s Head of Inflight Planning & Resourcing, Maria Cristina Civiletti, will be in attendance. She noted, “Our cabin crew roles offer exciting career opportunities for ambitious crew members to progress their career while exploring Europe's favourite destinations. We have organised these recruitment days to meet interested candidates in person and relay the exciting and dynamic career opportunities available within Europe’s largest airline group. We hope to be able to offer to as many Croatian people the adventure and experience of a lifetime within our cabin crew network in Zadar and Zagreb”. Those interested in attending the open days should register here. If unable to attend the recruitment day in person, an online interview can be booked using the e-mail cabincrewcareers@laudaeurope.com.


  1. Anonymous13:51

    Hope they have more luck finding any interest compared to last time.

  2. The curse and the blessing at rhe same time

  3. Anonymous19:10

    I wish Ryanair would get kicked out of Croatia!

    1. Anonymous22:46


    2. Anonymous03:17

      Boring. Largest airline in Europe and you’re still bitching. If it wasn’t for Ryanair and it’s subsidiaries there would be very few (very expensive) flights in and out of Croatia. Remind yourselves that people visit because of the price point, not because Northern Europeans were born with a desperation to visit Croatia. Take the visitors and the money. Stop bitching.

  4. Anonymous09:58

    What about Ljubljana?

  5. Anonymous15:12

    Those who arrive late will be hired ;)


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