Ryanair to suspend two Podgorica routes


Low cost carrier Ryanair will suspend two routes to Podgorica this coming winter season. The airline will halt operations on its year-round service between Wroclaw and the Montenegrin capital, as well as between Bologna and Podgorica. As previously reported, the carrier will commence new flights from Manchester, starting October 30, which will complement its services from London Stansted, Charleroi, Zagreb, Krakow, Berlin and Barcelona to Podgorica.


  1. Anonymous13:57

    Pity. I guess pax can transfer via BEG to Bologna.

  2. Anonymous14:14

    I really wonder who is flying Manchester - Podgorica in winter. I am not being ironic, just curious

    1. Anonymous14:36

      I would be if I could - only £25 return!

    2. Anonymous14:58

      Or from Krakow in the winter?

    3. Anonymous15:00

      It's so strange that the UK still requires a visa for the majority of the Western Balkans except Croatia and Slowenija.

    4. Anonymous21:41

      It's tragic and very sad that the UK still requires people from most of ex Yu to have a visa. Depressing and unfair


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