Tuzla Airport reaches 70% of pre-Covid traffic


Tuzla Airport handled 51.426 passengers in August, representing a decrease of 24.1% on the pre-pandemic 2019. The number of aircraft movements stood at 356. During the January - August period, Tuzla Airport welcomed 284.133 travellers through its doors, down 29.9% on 2019. The airport is expected to see a boost to its recovery in November when Ryanair launches operations to the city, with a total of three routes planned. “Currently we offer eight destinations in Germany, four in Sweden and one each in Denmark, Austria and Switzerland. We also boast two weekly charter flights to Antalya, which ended on September 10”, the airport’s General Manager, Dževad Halilčević, said. During August, Bosnia and Herzegovina's four commercial airports handled a total of 316.743 passengers.


  1. Anonymous14:50

    Why is TZL lagging with its recovery compared to other ex-Yu airports?

    1. Anonymous16:16

      I believe SJJ took some passengers along the way.

    2. And BNX also. TZL will hardly reach higher numbers off passengers with BNX and SJJ in surrounding


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