Two EX-YU airports in Europe’s top 100 busiest


Two airports from the former Yugoslavia positioned themselves within Europe’s top 100 busiest during the month of July, while one also made it on the top 100 list for the January - July period. In July, Belgrade ranked as the continent’s 74th busiest airport, just behind Bodrum but ahead of Menorca. Split came 81st, behind Bordeaux but ahead of Toulouse. Dubrovnik ranked 107th, Pristina 117th, Zagreb 121st and Skopje 133rd. During the seven-month period, Nikola Tesla Airport was the only one from the former Yugoslavia within the top 100, ranking 81st with 2.854.961 passengers, behind Rhodes and Larnaca, but ahead of Riga, Tirana and Luxembourg.

July 2022 airport performance and rank

Full July results for all 24 of the former Yugoslavia’s commercial airports can be found here.

January - July 2022 airport performance and rank


  1. Anonymous13:50

    Ha! So for the period January-July BEG was 81st but in July it was 74th? That means in July it improved its overall performance.

  2. Anonymous08:43

    Since when has Bodrum been in Europe?

    1. Anonymous15:29

      Bodrum belongs geographically to Asia but because of Türkiye belongs Europe by IATA, so Bodrum and all the Turkish airports are on the list of Europe. And believe me that most of the cities in Türkiye are more European than some Cities in Europe.


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