Eurowings downgrades Belgrade, Zagreb service


Eurowings will downgrade operations from Dusseldorf to both Belgrade and Zagreb to seasonal summer operations. The budget carrier will operate its final service of the season from the German city to Belgrade on October 16, and to Zagreb on October 22. Eurowings plans to run limited operations from Dusseldorf to both cities for the Christmas and New Year holidays, from December 23 until January 9 (Belgrade) and from December 20 until January 7 (Zagreb). This coming winter, Air Serbia will continue to maintain operations to Dusseldorf with five weekly flights planned, while Ryanair will link Zagreb with Weeze, which is some eighty kilometres north-west of Dusseldorf. The service will run twice per week this winter.


  1. Anonymous13:55

    Does Eurowings have any service from BEG this winter (not including Xmas flights)?

  2. Anonymous14:13

    Air Serbia has really beaten them up.

  3. Anonymous15:04

    This Eurowings is even worst than Wizz Air and Ryanair in terms of flight cancellations in Ex-yu region

  4. Anonymous15:16

    I hope JU responds by going daily to DUS

  5. Anonymous22:30

    They're not reliable air carrier. No big los for Belgrade.

  6. Anonymous10:46

    A clear sign that the German Air industry is not doing well.

  7. Anonymous15:16

    Eurowings is top worst airline! Terrible customer service, if you can even say they have one!


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