MTU Engines opens Serbia facility


Leading German aircraft engine manufacturer MTU Aero Engines has opened its new facility in Nova Pazova near Belgrade. The site will become a vital part of the global MTU Maintenance network and is set up for the repair of engine parts. “The additional MRO [maintenance repair and overhaul] capacity in Serbia will further improve our strong and flexible network, as well as boost our ability to offer competitive services in the global market. Just as at all our other sites, customers can count on our consistently high quality and reliability. We also greatly appreciate the excellent support and partnership of the Serbian government. This enabled us to complete the construction in a consequent manner and at an extraordinarily fast pace - for the benefit of our customers and partners”, Michael Schreyogg, MTU Aero Engines' Chief Program Officer, said. The new facility covers an area of 39.000 square metres. In the coming years, it is planned to increase its workforce to more than 400 employees. In order to prepare and train its employees, MTU has participated in the development of the Aviation Academy in Belgrade together with the Serbian Ministry of Education. The first MTU Maintenance specialists have already been trained in Serbia. Moreover, they underwent an intensive on-the-job training at MTU locations in Germany and Poland. MTU Maintenance and Air Serbia signed an exclusive V2500 engine maintenance repair and overhaul contract in 2020. The six-year agreement covers MRO, engine trend monitoring and spare engine services for Air Serbia’s v-powered A319 and A320 aircraft fleet.


  1. Anonymous10:46


  2. Anonymous10:47

    Now develop cargo.

  3. Anonymous10:54

    I love how clueless people in Serbia were complaining about this investment because the factory was built in fertile Vojvodina land. They probably do not know that this is a major investment

    1. Anonymous11:48

      I think many people in the Balkana and the region are clueless and do not appreciate what they have...

    2. Anonymous11:57

      JU520 BEGLAX

    3. JU520 BEGLAX12:02

      It's there until your salaries have reached a certain level, then they will proceed on to the next low cost production area. Western companies are here to use you, not to feed or gift you.

    4. Anonymous12:17

      And non-Western (i.e. ZiDjin) will feed us and gift us?

    5. Anonymous12:26

      No one is gifting anything to anyone, Tito died in 1980. Wake up, people

    6. JU520 BEGLAX20:18

      Thats right, no one makes presents, but it angers me very much to see, how western companies behave sometimes. We in Switzerland had to outsource parts of accounting in 2015 to Germany, after that to Bulgaria where I am very happy with the services provided. Now they already talk about Kenya, which I refuse to do since SOF is doing very well and their working mentality is definitely closer to us than in Kenya. Good thing is that they also wanted to outsource IT to India, however they realized it is not working same well as with Bulgaria and Serbia. I am in favor thst work goes to the people and not vice versa, but just misusing locations for a certain period, I dont support.


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