Qatar Airways adds World Cup flights to Belgrade


Qatar Airways will be adding additional services between Doha and Belgrade during the upcoming FIFA World Cup, which will take place in Doha between November 20 and December 18. The carrier is adding an additional departure between the two capitals on November 23, ahead of Serbia’s opening match at the tournament against Brazil. Flight QR3046/3047 will be operated by the Airbus A320 aircraft and will complement the A330-300 service, which will run on a daily basis for the duration of the tournament. The additional flight, departing Doha at 05.55 and beginning its return journey from Belgrade at 11.00, is being added in response to strong demand. Tickets are now available for purchase for the new flight. Additional departures are also planned on November 27 and December 1, however, sales for these are yet to commence. According to FIFA, the match-up between Serbia and Brazil is currently the second most popular at the tournament in the group stages based on ticket sales. Qatar Airways noted, “We changed our business model for five weeks. Qatar Airways is becoming more of a point-to-point operation. Our current business model is 15% to stay in Qatar, 85% are in transfer. During the World Cup this will change to 60% will stay in Qatar, 40% will fly on”.


  1. Anonymous10:59

    Nice. I saw some packages with hotel stay in Dubai, so I guess we'll see increased traffic to DXB too.

  2. Cant care less about footbal mania

  3. Anonymous16:14

    Ohhhhhh this means there will be lots of Cargo shipments from BEG finally!

  4. Anonymous18:37

    Interestingly, the A320neo on the picture was never taken by QR, due to the engine issue PW had on the launch.

    1. Anonymous01:27

      How do you know that?

  5. Anonymous09:59

    Many ZAG flights are also upgraded to B787-9 and B777-300ER


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