Qatar Airways boosts Belgrade, deploys A350


Qatar Airways is further boosting services between Doha and Belgrade for the upcoming FIFA World Cup, to be hosted in the Qatari capital from November 20 until December 18. Apart from operating daily flights with its Airbus A330 aircraft between the two cities, the airline has, as previously reported, scheduled a second daily departure with its A320 jet on November 23. The carrier has now upgraded its equipment from the A330 to the 327-seat A350-1000 jet on December 2 and scheduled a second daily service on December 3 and December 4 with the A320 aircraft. Further changes are expected in the coming weeks.


  1. Well time to get the camera ready, I hope it comes in over the city so I can catch it.

    1. Nemjee14:51

      If it lands from the other side, I think you can park your car by the highway by that passenger bridge just before turning right to the airport. From there you can take nice pictures of planes.

  2. JU520 BEGLAX00:36

    Now we just hope that the performance of Croatia and Serbia will be in Qatar as spectacular, as the QR aircraft movements in ZAG and BEG.


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