Transavia to run limited flights from Ljubljana to Rotterdam


Low cost carrier Transavia will temporarily operate some flights from Ljubljana to Rotterdam instead of Amsterdam due to ongoing issues at Schiphol Airport. The airline has scheduled flights from the Slovenian capital to Rotterdam on Sunday October 16 and October 23. The outbound service will continue to run out of Amsterdam. In a statement to EX-YU Aviation News, Transavia said, “Several flights to Amsterdam have been moved to Rotterdam due to the situation at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. There are issues relating to a lack of security and handling staff, limiting the maximum number of passengers that can depart and arrive at the airport. Therefore, we moved some flights to Rotterdam Airport temporarily”. Schiphol Airport recently extended a cap on passengers up until 2023.


  1. Anonymous10:44

    What a mess with AMS

  2. Anonymous12:21

    I was just in AMS last weekend. Total mess, long lines, advised to be at the airport 4hrs before flight, they lost our stroller,... When you talk to the staff nobody knows anything... mess mess mess

    1. These days is better to avoid big airports such AMS, Heathrow, FRA


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