TUI to add second new Ohrid service


Leisure carrier TUI Airways will commence a seasonal one weekly service between London Gatwick and Ohrid next summer, complementing its planned new operation from Manchester to the lakeside city. Flights will run each Wednesday, from May 31 until September 13. The service will be maintained alongside Wizz Air's two weekly rotation between the two cities. Further details can be viewed here.


  1. Anonymous14:45

    This smells just like the beginning of the boom from UK. 2022 was the first year TUI UK started selling tourist packages to Ohrid and this is what we get.

    1. Anonymous18:20

      Was about time!

    2. Anonymous13:34

      Beggining of the boom from UK? But arent all Brits poor and cant afford to travel? Thats what I heard as the reason why LJU has so few flights from London.

    3. Anonymous14:02

      Macedonia is so afforfable for british standards ... and what has Ljubljana to do with Ohrid

  2. Anonymous15:36

    As much as I hope it’s a success, I can’t see how TUI will make it work. Flight only prices are very expensive and they don’t seem to be selling any packaged to ohrid (same situation with their Sarajevo flights as well)

    1. Anonymous15:43

      They actually already sell packages to Ohrid

    2. Anonymous15:58

      I agree anon 15:36. Ohrid hasn't expanded in years and those flights might work but, similar, to Brussels will depend on the Albanian diaspora traffic as it was always.
      Ohrid is usually reached by land from skopie.

    3. Anonymous17:46

      Yes because no tourist want to visit Macedonia and there are no Macedonians in the world only Albanians using Mk airports :) get over yourself!

    4. Anonymous18:00

      @15.58 Lol what a troll

      You are obv not familiar with Ohrid having TUi flights to the Netherlands for years...

    5. Anonymous18:59

      Ohrid has limited capicity but I think these flights will work. For next summer Ohrid will have charters from Amsterdam, Eindhoven,Tel Aviv, Katowice,Warsaw?(is mentioned on wikipedia but there weren't any flight from Warsaw last summer),London Gatwick and Manchester. Not much but better than nothing.

  3. Anonymous15:39

    TUI's Lakes & Mountains holiday division are selling holidays to Lake Ohrid from the UK:

    Crystal Ski (TUI's ski operation) are selling the London Gatwick - Sarajevo route:

    TUI are predominately a UK tour operator not an airline, but you can buy flight only at a premium price

  4. Anonymous18:15

    Top 15 tourists markets Ohrid July 2022:

    Nr. of tourists: 1.TR 2.PL 3.NED 4.SRB 5.GER 6.USA/6.ISR 8.BUL 9.ROM 10.CRO 11.KS 12. ALB 13.SLO 14.UK 15.SWE

    Nr of overnight stays: 1.NED 2.PL 3.SRB 4.TR 5.ISR 6.GER 7.UK 8.BEL 9.CRO 10.USA 11.SWE 12.ALB 13.KS 14.BUL 15.ROM

  5. Anonymous18:18

    I guess they were satisfied with their sold packages this summer using Wizz flights from Luton

  6. Anonymous18:21

    Omg Ohrid beat us (SKP) in having two London destinations :D Congrats!

  7. Anonymous20:57

    Nice one!


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