Zagreb Airport handles over two million passengers


Zagreb Airport handled 325.339 passengers in September representing a decrease of 7.1% on the pre-pandemic 2019. The number of aircraft movements stood at 3.945, down 5.5% on three years ago. During first three quarters of the year, Zagreb Airport welcomed 2.302.157 travellers through its doors, a decrease of 12.3% on 2019, or 324.354 fewer passengers. Zagreb Airport recently said it expects to handle some three million passengers this year.


  1. Anonymous10:38

    Meanwhile TIA will be like 5M pax by the end of the year. Zagreb should have gone with Wizz instead.

    1. Anonymous10:54

      Albania is on fire. Read that they're opening a 3rd airport by its coast next year. Just crazy.

    2. Anonymous10:56

      I would choose Ryanair over Wizz anyday!

    3. Anonymous12:19

      Good for you. I'd still choose OU.

    4. Anonymous19:15

      Well Zagreb is just started to get in to things, Ryan Air will eventually run 50 destinations out of Zagreb, and base at least 3-4 aircraft in Zagreb year round. So noumbers there will explode as they're elsewhere, but to be honest, Tirana is only airport in Albania, and only decent way to get in due to its location, noumbers should be good. Although Zagreb will recover fast, projected traffic for Zagreb are around 12-20 million passengers per year in current climate, EU/NATO/OECD/ membership all will play in to its importance. Currently most of Zagreb’s noumbers are due to tourist/transfers, some ex-pats and few business travellers, this will change in future where business travellers will play far greater role than presently which is what 12-15% of the total traffic.

    5. Anonymous05:09

      Bleak reality is requiem for the dream of Zagreb airport grandeur.

  2. Anonymous12:28

    Bravo Hrvatska!


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